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Creep: Hello, everyone. Today, we’re gonna take a character analysis of the Phineas and Ferb fandom’s most famous and “beloved” OC, Marie Elysabeth Flynn Garcia-Shapiro. And before you say anything, yes, I know we’ve talked about Marie SEVERAL times.
Erik: this gonna be the long version of our CCE critique?
Creep: Basically; we’re gonna go deep DEEP into the core of Marie and her series as a whole, talking about how udderly ill-prepared and poorly developed it from Thomas and Jasmine to even the canon characters.
Erik: ...Shall I start by naming the 7 reasons I loathe Marie and then dig deeper into each one?
Creep: Take a shot; we’re gonna be here for a LONNGGG while. XD
Erik: Here are the 7 reasons I hate Marie.

1) I admit that the queens can draw better than I ever could...but what I don’t like is the style itself. For example...

a. Marie looks too much like her parents...
b. Teenage Marie, Thomas, and Jasmine have kid heads on teen bodies.

2) I hate the characters. They raped Thomas. They ridded Jasmine of her potential. And a “Marie Sue”

3) The “cute” overdone to me.

4) I consider Thomarie incest and disgusting.

5) The “sad tragic story” is nonexistent and even with the small amount of drabbles we DO have...I still see inconsistencies. There’s no story.

6) 2/3 of their OCs are stolen

7) They take too much from P&F. A joke isn’t funny a 2nd time. They don’t even credit Dan and Swampy half the time. I know it’s obvious in some cases, but you still need to do it. I do it for them and that’s even more obvious.

Erik: Now, before we get deeper into there any reason(s) you want to add, CreepE?
Creep: There’s no expansion of the P&F world in Marie’s time. What are P&F’s jobs? What happened to everyone else in the cast? Does the future have advanced technology or what?
Erik: I think that fits under “story”. XD
Creep: Alright, we’ll just talk about each on in order.
Erik: ...Hmmm...shall we start with design?
Creep: Yes...


Creep: Marie has....the most generic and completely unoriginal design of any fancharacter I seen. And I know what you’re thinking if you read the CCEs; there are people who are actually uncreative and low enough to STEAL Marie’s designs. I know, but Marie still has nothing original...she screams nothing but rehash.
Erik: Allow me to link you guys three pictures....




Erik: ...The amount of fusion is just...scary.
Creep: It’s very, very disturbing how someone could mush two excellent characters into this amalgamation of blandness. To this day, the BELT BUCKLE is the only sole original thing on Marie’s body.
Erik: ...No it’s’s a combination of Isabella’s belt and Phineas’s shirt stripes.
Creep: No, the belt buckle; it’s not round or white like Isabella’s stands as like the only thing that isn’t a combination of Phineas and Isabella.
Erik: ...I figured it was a combination of the fact that Isabella had a belt and the white stripes on it where like Phineas’s shirt.
Creep: Everything else is literally like Phineas and Isabella were put in a blender.
Erik: The clothes even are a combination of Phineas and Isabella’s. And the hair...oh God the hair pisses me off the most. It’s a literal FUSION of both their hair. Genetics don’t work like that!
Creep: The hair is basically top of Isabella’s hair and the long spikes of Phineas’ hair.
Erik: ...Let’s compare to the show. How much does Phineas and Candace look like their Mom?
Creep: Well, Candace actually grows into her mom’s form when she’s an adult, but as a teen, they look nothing alike.
Erik: ...Even then they don’t look that similar. How about Ferb and Lawrence? They only look SLIGHTLY similar because of the noses.
Creep: Even Amanda, Xavier and Fred all have their own designs and looks from their parents!
Erik: And Doof and Vanessa? Nothing alike except the brown hair.
Creep: Vanessa doesn’t even look like Charlene, actually aside from the hips.
Erik: Thomas is more passable than Marie...but...well we’ll get to his main problem later.
Creep: Even Jasmine looks somewhat okay compared to Marie.
Erik: And then there’s teenage Marie and the gang...
Creep: And like Phineas, Ferb and the gang in Wedding Impossible, they look exactly like if you took your little kid’s head and put them on adult bodies.
Erik: Take a look for yourself.…

Erik: Kid heads on adult bodies.
Creep: I mean, the faces haven’t changed whatsoever. I mean longer hair? Short hair? A new hairstyle a together? I mean, some effort would be nice. And notice how tube that is Marie’s chest; look at that. It’s literally hourglass with big boobs and big hips and yet a very thin stomach.
Erik: Urgh that isn’t an hourglass figure. It’s’s is that? It’s not natural...
Creep: It’s a tube. Okay, one of fans of Marie actually gave an engaging comment about how kids have 50% DNA from both their mom and dad....however, since this is a cartoon, the design is incredibly obvious. Even Xavier and Fred and Amanda have some similarities to Candace and Jeremy and yet have their own unique features.
Erik: ...All the teens have the same kid face on teen body issue...but I notice that Marie has the weirdest figure out of all of they went out of their way to make her a perfect-bodied Marie-Sue.
Creep: It looks more like she’s anorexic or something. :\
Erik: ...I get this increasing feeling that if I grabbed her, I could snap her body in half.
Creep: Ugh, the designs are very mediocre at best but this pales in the face of....


Creep: Tied with the “story” and Thomarie, these three are WORST part of Marie and her series as whole. It’s amazing how someone completely Flanderized and bastardized not only their own characters, but they ruin the characterization of OTHER characters.
Erik: Remember how we said that Marie LOOKED like a fusion of her parents? Well it’s the same inside too.
Creep: She’s literally like her parents in every, single way except she’s annoying and unlikable. She doesn’t have a single, solitary original bone in her body.
Erik: ...Well...there is one thing original...
Creep: ...well a redeemable trait then.
Erik: I wouldn’t call it redeeming.…

Creep: Oh right, she makes stuff explode.
Erik: Since we’re on the topic of characterization, should we check out Thomas and Marie’s interviews?
Creep: Sure. =3
Erik: ...Should we spork them or just link and look over.
Creep: Let’s just cut to the general information. ^^
Erik: Alright then...…

Creep: It’s amazing how this is an interview for Marie....and yet....I still know nothing about her. True, we learn that she’s a immature 9-year-old who obsesses over her parents (even more so than normal kids would with their parents), she’s dumber than a sack of wet rocks and she has that bipolar issue.
Erik: How old is this thing again?
Creep: This came out in 2010!
Erik: ...And not a single update....
Creep: About time for an UPGRADE, wouldn’t you say, Pao? I mean, Marie’s almost 3 years old in the fandom and she doesn’t bother to make any changes whatsoever.
Erik: God why does Marie spazz out on half her answers?
Creep: This is why Marie sucks as a character; inconsistency! Sometimes she’s a moron, sometimes she’s annoying, sometime she acts like a troublemaker (Chaos Through Time stated she broke the rules about something or whatever), etc. There’s no solid characterization with Marie, no development, nothing.
Erik: ...And I think I know why. By making a “wildcard” character, you can make up any shit you want in any story and not give a damn about being consistent.
Creep: Did we forget to mention that Marie is a total Mary-Sue on top of that? She’s got the highest grades I’ve very seen and yet she doesn’t know what “wet yourself” means, she explodes stuff and causes trouble for her friends and yet NEVER get busted.
Erik: ...I think she’s scored the highest on the Mary-Sue test too...she scored 2x the amount needed to be a Mary-Sue and 4x the average character amount.
Creep: For example.....…

Creep: Apparently, Marie causes property damage thanks to her inventions or whatever and instead of rightly punishing the twerp, Phineas gives her a simple warning and lets her go scot-free! Yeah, ‘cause that’s a protagonist we can relate to; someone who NEVER gets into trouble whatsoever for her actions. *sarcasm*
Erik: Shall we move on to Thomas?
Creep: Oh, poor, poor Thomas. I think he’s the series’ official butt monkey.
Erik: Thomas used to have an interview...but for certain reasons we will discuss later, the queens deleted said interview. But that’s OK...I screencapped it.………

Creep: Remember when Thomas was somewhat decent before he got Flanderized beyond belief? Eh, it was short-lived.
Erik: Who wants to play a drinking game? Take a shot whenever Thomas does this “-.-” on the interview.
Creep: Before the big decision know what, I actually sort of like the relationship Thomas and Marie as friends and cousins; it was, like I’ve said before, a great contrast to their dads’ relationship when they were kids and admittingly the only good, original thing Marie had at the time.
Erik: My main gripe is how much of a damn emo Thomas is. Holy shit.
Creep: Eeyore has more emotion than you! >.< I mean, his default expression is literally Eeyore eyes.
Erik: Before the “Big Bang” in the fandom, his emoness was...tolerable...
Creep: And despite being Flanderized to this day, he at least some difference from his parents at least and is less of a clone of Fernessa.
Erik: Thomas crying over his lack of incest ATM:…

Erik: Yeah, seriously, he’s crying because he can’t bang his 9 year old cousin.
Creep: I don’t like how he acts like he’s pretentious and better than Marie; something Paola should have done was show his weaker side....and I didn’t mean the “Big Bang”. I mean like he can actually frikkin’ SMILE or something!
Erik: ...And here I am slowly reminded of Edward Cullen...…

Creep: This is right after the “Big Bang” happened; suddenly Thomas became even MORE emo and wangst than before he was a kid. He’s like the British version of Robbie from Gravity Falls....and yes, I do think Robbie should NEVER be compared to Pao’s stuff, but I need an example.
Erik: ...He sure does keep in shape for a NINE YEAR OLD, huh?…

Erik: Why is he dressed like fucking Saucegay from Naruto?
Creep: Actually, what’s funny is that we never actually get to see this so-called pic that Ely made; this was a sneak peek of a bigger pic that we never get to see.
Erik: ...Thank...God....
Creep: Also, you’ll notice how Thomas’ nose keeps growing and shrinking over the course of the pictures!
Erik: ...Yeah sometimes it looks like Ferb’s, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it grows, sometimes it shrinks...what the hell, man?
Creep: Consistency: USE IT! >.< Oh, there was a third character with them right? A Indian girl or something, right?
Erik: Oh yeah...Jasmine...easy to forget, really, seeing how little role she has.
Creep: It’s amazing how much of a big noise she made when Melty first introduced her and somehow magically disappear most of the time.
Erik: ...Did you guys know Pao actually fought against her showing up? Pao wanted the series to focus on Thomarie and only Thomarie.
Creep: Indeed.

Creep: Jasmine only made the cut because she was only served to be an in-universe fangirl for Thomarie....actually a version of IRVING....yeah, that character she doesn’t like? Jasmine is basically Irving.
Erik: ...The character Pao HATES I should add. But yeah, that’s all Jasmine lives for. To ship Thomarie. We would love to analyze an interview, but Jasmine is so small in this whole thing that evidently she was consider unworthy of one.
Creep: Like Thomas, Jasmine isn’t a clone of Baljeet or Mishi (even though we only knew her for like one episode and haven’t seen her since) and basically act as a “matchmaker”. Pao even hints JasmineXFred in some pics but of course, we don’t see enough of it; ironically how a relationship that is barely touched upon is MORE interesting than Thomarie.....pretty sad.
Erik: ...That’s probably the only reason Jasmine was let in. Pao probably redid her to be a damn shipper and nothing else.
Creep: There’s more shit about her issues with her dad, but we’ll get to that soon enough. Shall we continue on to the cuteness factor?
Erik: I can’t help but wonder WHY she cares about Thomarie...but anyway, shall we move on?
Creep: Yes.


Creep: Now, this is what Erik added, so I’m not sure.
Erik: This...just...this...……… <-- I hate you the most.……

Creep: I swear to god if Marie was a food, the sheer smell would give you diabetes.
Erik: It’s not just’s also some of her calling her parents “Mommy and Daddy”. She is NINE! Not three, not four, but NINE!
Creep: I could understand “Daddy”, but the Mommy comes off as a 3-year-old.
Erik: This isn’t as big an issue as some of the other ones and only really applies to Marie, but it annoys the hell out of me.
Creep: ….OH, maybe she inherited that shitload of “adorableness” from her mom like in “Meapless in Seattle” and giving her yet another stolen trait/skill or something....
Erik: ...When Isabella was cute, it was kinda funny. When Marie does’s annoying. As hell.
Creep: It doesn’t work twice, Pao. The worst is that Pao is seriously banking on the “adorableness” for sake of not doing anything with the character. I mean, yes, I know Marie’s a baby, but it’s not like relationship of her and her parents explore or anything, but we’ll worry about that later.
Erik: Again, not much to cover here...but it can be annoying.
Creep: Blarg....and now for the most interesting part of any Marie analysis....


Creep: And not just the romance ones, BTW....but yeah let’s talk about the most obvious one of them all!
Erik: ...Urgh...Thomarie...*shudder*…

Creep: Oh, the roots of all evil this mini-comic spawned. This is pretty much the Marie series JUMPING THE SHARK.
Erik: Should we spork the AC again or what?
Creep: No, we’re basically gonna talk about the stupidity of the relationship. This mini-comic is nothing more than a comic version of a journal of Ely, Pao, and Melty saying that Thomarie is canon and you better damn well accept it. Thomarie has 2 parts that suck about it: the cousin thing and the origins. First, the main obvious issue is that Marie and Thomas are dating when they are, in fact, frikkin’ COUSINS. Ely goes to great lengths to try (and fail) to prove that it’s legit, finding unneeded amounts of research and ignore the important element: Phineas and Ferb are brothers. In fact, remember this line she said?

FIRST: Let me remind you Thomas and Marie have this big "STEP-cousins" business, they are NOT related by blood, and they have different lastnames for legal facts.

Cree: In that one sentence, like Erik said previously, Ely basically tore down the basics and the foundations of the show itself to back up her argument; she basically thinks more about the blood-relation rather than the emotional and psychological family bond. As we said before, the Flynn-Fletchers are a FAMILY, no matter. Who cares if they aren’t blood-related; you don’t need genes to be a happy, loving family. Lawrence is accepted to Candace and Phineas as their true Dad, Phineas and Ferb love each like brothers and everyone loves each other as IF they are blood; that’s the heartwarming and loving part of P&F. The fact that blended families CAN get along fine and what Ely did here is basically insulting the characters, the show, and even the creators with this insensitive statement! Anyway, like I said, since Phineas and Ferb love each other like bros, why wouldn’t they pass this information to their kids? What reasons wouldn’t they tell us that?
Erik: ...So this is one of the many things that confuse me. Take a look at this.……………

Erik: So check out Casanova here. Thomas is getting it on. He’s clearly in a relationship and then suddenly there’s this.…………

Erik: Where did the shyness come from? And the fanfics make it more confusing. I can’t tell if they are supposed to be together or not because it keeps contradicting.
Creep: Also, how do the parents take it? Pretty okay, actually.
Erik: ...They take it well...yes, I’m scared too.

That is a LONG story to be told. But, basically, Ferb and Vanessa always knew (and because of their own 'forbbiden' relationship they support their boy all the way), Isabella knew it latter but got happy because she loves Thomas too and she wants a special guy to be her daughter's boyfriend. Phineas...Phineas is so troubled. Not because it is about Thomas, mostly because he doesn't know how to handle Marie's feelings and also his own feelings about 'losing' his little girl.
But, at the end: they look for their children's happiness. End of the story (isn't that a parents' duty?) And the fact that Phineas goes with Ferb looking for advice, just puts them more together than ever. That's a lovely subplot we love to work on.

Creep: Not only is this “story” has yet been mention ONCE in the course of Marie’s existence on dA, but this baffles me. For one thing, since Ferb and Vanessa are totally frikkin’ okay with their little pedo-relationship, I guess incest could be just as tolerable. :iconcandacepalmplz:
Erik: ...I love that argument...I love it so much...using pedophilia to justify incest. XD
Creep: It is “So Bad, It’s Good” here. XD
Erik: ...And if you guys are trying to downplay all of this, allow me to show you how far it escalates...…

Creep: Oh yes, the sex scene if you will. I mean, my God, first we hints that they’re consider kids and now we got TnM wanting to do it too? Oh yeah, this is TOTALLY P&F here, BTW. *sarcasm* But what makes Thomarie even worst? Okay, how about this? Thomarie fans, ask yourselves:

“Why does Thomas and Marie like each other?”

Creep: Thomarie, one of the most well-known OC pairing in the P&F canon (actually rivaling Phinbella) and loved by most.....and I bet most of you have NO idea how they even got together or WHY they got together.
Erik: Well actually we know why Thomas likes Marie. I quote from Melty:

Thomas loves Marie because she’s her father’s daughter

Erik: ...So...basically...Thomas has a fetish for family members.
Creep: I love how Thomas, the “intelligence” and “deep” Cullin-esque bait for fangirls...has a shallow reason for a crush that be more fitting for Glenn Quagmire. Actually, he’s becoming Brian.
Erik: ...I really don’t know what else to make of that...I mean fuck...loving someone because they are your uncles daughter? The only thing that comes to mind is incest fetish.
Creep: Amazingly, we don’t get a reason WHY Marie likes Thomas back. I mean, it’d probably be funny and somewhat redeemable if she was the one who opposed the whole thing since they’re cousins.
Erik: ...Seeing how she is all lovey-dovey like her’d think we’d have a reason.
Creep: But nope; no explaination, no story, no NOTHING.
Erik: Before we move on...I will say one more thing. According to Melty, Sophie is canon. yes, their 3rd gen daughter. Sorta like Bridgette but with no purpose.
Creep: Oh and one more thing about Thomarie:…

Creep: The couple is suppose be FORBIDDEN LOVE. Yeah, except your friends and family who are totally cool with that.
Erik: Despite telling us their parents support. I remember, this was the first Marie pic I commented on before becoming a critic...I asked Ely how it was forbidden when she said their parents supported it...she more or less told me to fuck off and deleted my comment.
Creep: Montnessa has more of a reason for FORBIDDEN LOVE! >.<  Moving on to.....


Erik: Or lack of....
Creep: Marie has no purpose whatsoever. Tell me this: what is more to Marie than being a Phinbella kid? Seriously, tell me. You can’t? Oh well....that’s the reason. It’s bad enough that Marie is a straight-up copy of her parents, but...what’s her role? Yeah, she’s a future kid, but you make all this noise about stories and comics and yet I know nothing about her whatsoever. All she is is simply a rehash of Phineas and Ferb, only in the future and less creative and unfunny.
Erik: ..The really sad part is that despite there being no story, I can already see plot holes.
Creep: DOZENS OF THEM. In fact, I have on major complicate about Marie’s world as a whole....we know NOTHING about it.
Erik: ...For example is Marie and Thomas together or not? Both are implied. Why the hell is Marie emo at random times? What the hell happened to Stacy’s child?
Creep: Also, what the fuck do Phineas and Ferb do for living?! I swear, I’ve seen 3 pics of Phineas sitting on his ass and doing nothing. Not a single invention whatsoever and right AFTER we just complained about it!
Phineas: Welfare.
Creep: We also know nothing about the fates of other characters.
Erik: ...Never seen Buford. I don’t know WHAT the hell happaned to Baljeet. Seriously? Why is he so strict?
Creep: Or Suzy or Charlene or Norm, etc....oh, check this out:……

Erik: Charlene isn’t important and Norm is dead. He died in Season 3.
Creep: Norm couldn’t be dead; he’s somehow alive in Wedding Impossible. Also....hehe, what the hell happened to Baljeet?! Oh my god, I’ve never seen such a butchering of a character.
Erik: Cliche foreign kid with tough parents. It makes no sense. It totally contradicts the show...but it’s there.
Creep: Foreign kid with tough parents? Sounds like Doof.
Erik: Yeah, like Asian and Indian kids who get pressured to do super well in school by their old school first generation parents.
Creep: That’s the thing: Baljeet wasn’t an asshole in the series. Sure, he was a bore at time, but he helped P&F create inventions and stuff.
Erik: ...So yeah, pretty much took his character and completely undid it just so they could do this cliche for no reason.
Creep: Not to mention its never brought up again at all. Also,
Erik: No stories for this...why? It would take time away from Thomarie.
Creep: Also, the relationship between Marie and her parents.....……

Creep: ...there is NONE. Again, changing Phineas and Isabella, two already excellent and turning them into Generic Dad #1 and Generic Mom #2. We see no depth in their relationship outside of them acting like the frikkin’ Full House family! It’s just them looking cute and....that’s it.
Erik: Shocker her parents love that it? Is there any real relationship behind the--*sees A+++ in the background* ...Oh my God. *facepalm*
Creep: Compare this to Olivia here: Phineas is an embarrassing dad and inventor and Olivia knows he means well while Isabella is a sweet yet strict mom of the family who shows worry over Olivia’s magic-using. See? They can love each other and MORE.
Erik: ...It’s better than “They love each other....yeah....pretty generic, but who cares? We wanna ship Thomarie ;D”
Creep: Ugh, anything else we didn’t mention?
Erik: *still tearing hair out over the A+++--* Sorry you say something?
Creep: XD Anything else?
Erik: I think we covered it. Except what the hell happened to the future.
Creep:  OH yeah! What the fuck is the deal with Marie’s world? So, do they seldom use advance technology? Is it like a fusion of past and present?
Erik: ...How is it that Olivia focuses on the supernatural and even she has more high-tech stuff in her life?
Creep: Well, duh, it’s the future where she is. XD She’s trying to use magic where technology has taken over.
Erik: XD
Creep: Oh and remember how I said that Marie has no purpose? Well, even inventing, a stolen trait from Phineas, actually has LESS purpose in general for the Marie series. Why? Well, remember Xavier and Fred, Candace’s kids in the future who don’t do much and can only invent stuff ‘til motivated? Yeah....they’re INVENTORS!
Erik: ...So basically we have Phineas and Ferb....and then we have a rip off...and then we have a rip off of a rip off with incest added in for the lulz. Said incest is in the form of Phinerb 2nd gen. Yeah.
Creep: Xavier and Fred already exist to be Phineas and Ferb expies (as irony) and they can also invent! Remember the 5th dimension bumper cars? If these two can invent, what’s the point of adding ANOTHER inventor into the mix??? That literally makes Marie’s interest in inventing completely redundant.
Erik: Even by 2nd gen standards....
Creep: I mean, why does EVERYONE in the Flynn Family have to be inventors? This is exact reason why Olivia and Quinn don’t invent; Xavier and Fred already exist for that and despite having a few scenes in the one episode they were introduced, they show more character than anything Marie could within her entire time on dA.
Erik: Shall we move on?
Creep: ….please. >.>


Creep: Yes, we will NEVER let that die because this just add another layer of how incredibly awful the Marie series truly is and how much of a jerkoff the Queens are.
Erik: ...I’m sorry but what really bugs me is that they just never fessed up to it. Constantly denying it and denying it...and then where when there was no plausible way to deny it, they started pointing fingers. What’s worse, I don’t think anything would have happened if they did admit it. The fans who realize they they stole 2 OCs are OK with it. Why? They claim they did a better job. And no, don’t worry, they didn’t steal Marie. They stole Thomas and Jasmine.
Creep: Yeah, “better job” turning Thomas into an emo pretentious asshole and Jasmine into a brain-dead Irving-clone. Yeah, top notch job, Paola! *sarcasm* We recently critiqued WhiteBag’s version of Thomas in the CCEs, right?
Erik: We did. And allow me to bring you back to the interview from TnM Thomas....………

Erik: And compare them to a Thomas interview that came out one month earlier.…

Erik: How shall we do this CreepE? Little by little or an overall view?
Creep: You mean sporking?
Erik: I meant comparing question by question or just giving the overall view.
Creep: Okay, let’s compare the questions.
Erik: Gonna put a separator here for those who can’t be assed to read the whole thing.
Creep: Let’s do it!



Erik: Both male and both give a sarcastic remark...well not too suspicious.


Creep: Both different ages.
Erik: Aye...


Creep: Both casually accepting hugs.
Erik: Still not too suspicious...yet...


Creep: One had some weakness, one admitted to having none.
Erik: Still just roughly similar. So far, so good.


Erik: ...Well that’s kinda odd. They both happen to like sandwiches as their favorite food?
Creep: Pffttt.


Creep: They both like mint. >.>
Erik: ...Now it’s getting suspcious.


Erik: ...Both are virgins...but it’s the way they answer it. Wait no, check this out CreepE...the queens answer is just “slightly altered” They add “of course”
Creep: ...still the same reply.
Erik: Yeah, just keep what I said in mind. The queens use an argument to defend their actions.


Erik: Neither killed...not too weird.
Creep: Whatever.


Erik: One of the few original traits he has is being more emo than WB Thomas.
Creep: WB Thomas is a lot more fun.


Creep: WhitBag!Thomas like Jasmine, Queen!Thomas admits to nothing.
Erik: ...I always thought they would make a better pair.
Creep: Admittingly, so did I. It’s better than Thomarie. >.<


Creep: WB Thomas can’t make up his mind while Thomas OBVIOUSLY like summer.
Erik: Again, different.


Erik: ...Marie’s reaction is odd...
Creep: Also, I have to wonder yet again: why is Thomas gonna end up with her if he can’t stand her???


“Dance, dance, DANCE!”

“Music, music, and more music.”

Creep: Not the same, yet spoken almost the same.
Erik: ...Even their mannerisms are similar...>.<


Creep: They both like fuckin’ cold water. WTF?
Erik: ...That is just bullshit. Who the hell has water as their favorite drink--other than you BoringPhineas.
Creep: I bet his favorite snack is crackers!


Creep: Different answers.
Erik: ...I can’t tell if the 16th is related or not. But I’ll let it pass.


Creep: Same reaction and answers.
Erik: Copy/paste.


Erik: Different.
Creep: Eh.


Erik: Copy/paste completely.


Creep: WB Thomas’ mom apparently dies off (....very pleasant to a well-known character) and Thomas prattles on about his parents in the exact same way Marie does with Phineas and Isabella.


Erik: Again, pretty much a copy/paste answer except the queens replace <> with **
Creep: This is lame for both sides.


Creep: WB Thomas is more descriptive and Thomas doesn’t give an answer.
Erik: Different answers.


Erik: Different answers, but off topic: Why does Thomas call her Mum? He isn’t British.
Creep: Technically PART British. Not to mention, the Queens actually has the same voice actor for Ferb for Thomas.
Erik: But he was never in Britain. His father is silent as hell. Accents are something you learn. You aren’t born with them.


Erik: Similar answers...except WB Thomas drools over Jasmine and his family and Queen Thomas drools over Marie and his family.
Creep: …..WB Thomas wins.


Erik: ...Another near copy/paste except Queen Thomas adds a pause.
Creep: And apparently in the frikkin’ future, “wetting yourself” is basically a forgotten term.


Erik: Different...and Vanessa still listens to Scrapping Fangs?
Creep: Pffttt. Metal mom....


Erik: Different and--


Erik: Different.


Creep: Different.
Erik: Different.


Creep: WB Thomas is more fun.
Erik: Similar.


Erik: Same.


Creep: WB Thomas swears while Thomas is G-rated digusted....pretty much the same reaction.


Erik: WB Thomas is more annoyed.
Creep: Thomas is more sarcastic.


Erik: ...Oh come the fuck on. They both just happen to have the same favorite thing they like to touch?
Creep: ….I find that incredibly frikkin’ creepy. O.o


Creep: Thomas is emo again.
Erik: Queen Thomas’s answer is basically more emo.


Erik: Both “just happen” to favor black.
Creep: And stolen joke from Friends; nice try, Ely but make up your own fuckin’ jokes.


Erik: Different.


Erik: ...This one kinda makes me laugh. They stole from WB Thomas’s interview so much, that it actually contradicts what we’ve seen from them. XD
Creep: I guess he didn’t get Steve ‘til later....yet an unoriginal pet he gets in the end.


Erik: Both just happen to sigh at this.


Creep: WB Thomas is more jokey again.
Erik: ...So basically Queen Thomas is a rip off but more emo.
Creep: And more of a fuckin’ dullard.


Erik: Differentish.
Creep: You can feel WB Thomas having more fun with this than Thomas is.


Creep: Both don’t care about the end, but Thomas seems to have more of a goal in a future.


Creep: Both are referred to “Tom”, but Thomas is called Tommy.
Erik: ...Funny how the queens stole part of this answer despite their Thomas NEVER having been called Thomas.
Creep: Irony.


Creep: Both are “in between” being sad and happy and....I seriously doubt that for Queen Thomas.
Erik: Both state in between despite Queen Thomas always being emo.


Creep: UGH, they BOTH wanna be villains rather than heroes...
Erik: ...And note that in both cases Doof is involved..


Creep: …..are you fuckin’ kidding me?! They both like Star Wars AND movies with Thomas Sangster?!
Erik: *facepalm*


Erik: ...When the queens were finally caught, they used Melty’s deactivated corpse to shield them. They claimed it was all her fault despite Ely CLEARLY saying the Artists Comment of said interview that they all worked on it together.
Creep: Not to mention that all the fans who claimed that Thomas was better in the hands of the Queen are outright LIARS because A.) WB Thomas seems more likable and pleasant and B.) Thomas is nothing more but acting like a frikkin’ emo with LESS character than before. Wow, thanks Paola and Ely! You can even pollute good characters into shitty ones. *sarcasm*
Erik: ...What’s more, they claimed it was an accident...they claimed the reason it was stolen is because they copied and pasted WhiteBAG’s interview and forgot to delete the answers...and yes, there were so copy/paste answers in there. But if you look at it, a lot of the answers are the same but SLIGHTLY no, the queens did not forget to do it. They acknowledged the answers enough to slightly change them, but not enough to make unique answers.
Creep: And somehow make Thomas incredibly DULL.
Erik: And it’s not just Thomas guys, let me show you a character from WhiteBag’s gallery even older than Thomas. Her name is Jasmine. Not convinced? Think it’s a coincidence? Well check this out.…

Erik: Made before either Thomas existed. And the queens Jasmine was not made until their Thomas was created. That and that alone is evidence enough to prove they stole her too.
Creep: The only difference is that WB Jasmine was born of BaljeetXGwen, unlike BaljeetXMishi.
Erik: ...Their exact same appearance and names alone prove they are one and the same.
Creep: And once again, the fans said that the Queens made the characters “better”. Oh yes, you know how much of a huge impact on the series she made so far? Squeeing about Thomarie and.....that’s about it, you know? You guys are in DENIAL. Stop acting like there’s something to defend it aside from “the art”. They didn’t even design the character with her own style and thus made Jasmine into a female version of Irving. Anyway, let’s move on with this nonsense...


Creep: ….there is NONE. People tell me that Marie has character and a difference in this fandom....and yet she’s the most blatant case of stealing, unoriginality and genericness I’ve seen in this fandom and YES, I’ve seen the retarded OCs, but Marie is a famous case who no one ever calls her out on her bullshit.
Erik: Does this make sense?…

Erik: Pfft. No. But it’s there. Why? For the sake of stealing Isabella’s trait.
Creep: Who the fuck fights their own mom for the attention of their dad? That sounds....wrong. So very wrong.....
Erik: And how about this?…

Erik: Any story to it? No...not’s just there actually.
Creep: Ely even mentioned a “3rd Dimension” or a “4th Dimension”, so it’s not like the Queens would think this out...WELL. It’s basically a brain-fart.
Erik: And this hardly needs a comment...…

Creep: Yes, apparently hunger and acting like a monkey is genetic. >.> So I mention the only funny thing in this comic was Marie’s monocle?
Erik: ...And how about this?…

Erik: Does Steve have a purpose? No. He’s there to be there. I don’t know why they bothered reviving him.
Creep: It’s actually Steve IV or something, but it’s basically an excuse to give Thomas a pet that his dad Perry.
Erik: I still haven’t run out.…

Erik: ...Yeah! Sure! Why the hell not?! Let’s steal the background from the show while we’re at it.
Creep: And why are TnM even in the snowy tundra anyway? Did Amanda challenge THEM to travel the world in one day? Do we have to suffer Summer Belongs To You 2: The Next Generation?! There’s trying to expand your world and then there’s blantantly stealing jokes and references from the show. It’s called EFFORT; USE IT.
Erik: And then there’s this...…

Erik: ...And they spelled it wrong....
Creep: Ugh, my god, they literally have to take EVERY SINGLE JOKE and repeat it again! People like Marie and her series; it’s basically a rip-off rehash.
Erik: ...There was also a Spring/Fall crossover Thomas and Marie are shown doing...but from Ely’s journal, I think she deleted it. Instead, allow me to show you the big bad logo Ely doesn’t want you stealing.
Creep: That was made by Ash, though.
Erik: ...Nvm then. XD Anyway, here it is.…

Erik: Creative, ain't it?
Creep: This is truly the pinnicle of uncreativity, readers. Ely and Pao were so unoriginal, so uninspired they literally stole the show’s LOGO...and even claim its theirs.
Erik: ...Why not make a “Thomas and Marie” logo like it. This has nothing to do with Phineas and Ferb.
Creep: Hell, didn’t one fan actually bothered to make one? It was actually original looking and everything; here, all Ely did was stick a unmatching “2” into the title like fuckin’ Toy Story 2!
Erik: ...Except that really was Toy Story 2. This has nothing to do with the damn show.
Creep: Phineas and Ferb aren’t a focus, hell we don’t even know anything about them or their futures so far. I don’t even know if they actually invent anymore!
Erik: ...Anyway, I got it all off my chest. Anything you wanna cover?
Creep: Is there anymore treasure-troves of rip-offs?
Erik: I covered the majority, I think.
Creep: Right, so let us conclude this madness....


Erik: Hey CreepE...I have a game for you...
Creep: A game? =3 Shoot!
Erik: ...Name traits from Marie...only name them if you have actually seen them. So fear of woodpeckers and Fireside girl stuff do not count. Just stuff you’ve seen.
Creep: Hmmm......she’s annoying.
Erik: Hmmmm...extremely happy and bubbly....and also extremely sad and depress--whaa? ...So three traits in and it’s already contradicting.
Creep: I hate to compare Marie to her, but let’s show people how a bubbly and excitable is done WELL: Mabel Pines.
Erik: ...Except Marie is shown to RANDOMLY be depressed and down for no reason.
Creep: Mabel is a bubbly, excitable character and the main difference is that.....she’s RELATABLE. She can actually have emotions for good reasons like she’s sad when Gideon hassles her or Pacifica calls her silly or she loses her pig, etc. With Marie, the sadness has no reason and comes straight out of nowhere in a vague attempt for us to make us pity her.
Erik: Another trait...Marie is into love and romance just like her Mom. Hence the Thomarie and her interest in her parents. Next trait. Marie has no clue about love just like her father.
Creep: She wants to invent like her dad Phineas, but she can’t and thus explodes most of the time.
Erik: ...So she’s good at inventing...but also sucks at inventing...and are you getting my point? We listed 7 traits and 6 of them contradict each other.
Creep: She’s also never seen in real trouble nor does she ever get any form of punishment or comeuppances, she can’t defend herself, she’s dumber than a sack of wet rocks.....
Erik: ...I don’t think not getting in trouble is a trait...
Creep: It’s noticable; even after she causes stuff to explode, she never once gets in trouble for it. No punishment, no scorning, no nothing.
Erik: Overall she’s a Marie sue and half of her traits contradict themselves.
Creep: People say she has character when in reality she has very VERY little of it, almost has no character. She’s generic, uninspired and outright Mary-Sue....yet everyone seems to see her as a perfect little girl. Good grades, never gets into trouble, popular, loved by all, etc.
Erik: ^ Definition of Marie-Sue.
Creep: So, if you HAPPEN to like Marie.....I don’t know why you would but whatever, it’s your time you’re wasting, I don’t care.
Erik: The sad part is all these contradictions could be used to make a round character...but they aren’t. They are just contradictions and nothing else. They are never explored or explain.
Creep: All of the possible flaws Marie COULD have are treated as “charming quirks” rather than seriously flaws to her character.
Erik: They are. Her annoyingness is treated endearingly.
Creep: Her explosions as well.
Erik: Treated endearingly...despite being a ferking danger to society.
Creep: As a kid, she’s a copy of Phineas and Isabella and steals all of the cliches of the show; about 90% of her dialogue is a reference or a catchphrase. As an teen, Marie is a copy of Phineas and Isabella from Paola’s comics, obsessing over romance and shit.
Erik: ...And a tube.
Creep: Again, we both fail to see why people would find her likable or even worth giving a hoot. She’s....say it with us now....ENTIRELY POINTLESS.
Erik: ...Again, even in 2nd gen standards. We have Xavier and Fred for this.
Creep: If you like her.....whatever, it’s your life to waste time loving her...but DON’T take Marie as inspiration for your own OCs.
Erik: ...That’s possibly the worse thing about her. She infects the fandom like a disease.
Creep: It’s probably too late then. ^^; Or better yet, make BETTER OCS THAN MARIE. Also, you know what I wanna see? Someone giving Marie a “good” critique.
Erik: Oh basically why they like Marie? Other than “She’s cute!”
Creep: Yes. I wanna know why they give a shit; people say Marie has “character”....well, tell me why! I’ve looked through dozens of Marie stuff and she’s STILL the worst OC in this fandom....I wanna know why people give a crap other than, “The art is pretty!”
Erik: ...Anyway, I don’t have anything else to say. CreepE covered it. Unless you have more to add, submit it and tell Pao.
Creep: She blocked me, remember? XD
Erik: ...Send someone to tell Pao. XD
Creep: K. XD
As much as we've talked about Marie SEVERAL times for a while, this is basically our opinions about not only the character, but the entire series we've seen so far. I doubt "Chaos Through Space" will actually fix any mistakes or make more, so this is post-comic information.


Analysis © ~CreepECrawlyMan & !DarkestLinkEAI
Character © *Angelus19 & =sam-ely-ember

PS, if the Queens can go ON and ON about Marie, we can do the same. :
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lighteningstorms Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Like I don't have a problem with couples that have one person a little older. Like the movie Don Jon I had no more with the couple age range wise. But the difference between that and Vanessa/Ferb is that at least the guy in his early thirties. He's well out of high school before a older woman gets with him. 
lighteningstorms Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
I sort of like the art just because the artists can draw. this is actually my first time seeing this art and learning about these fan characters. But when I saw Thomas and Marie acting like a couple I was like "Wait, aren't they cousins?" And then I found you. Yeah I don't get why the artists made a incest pairing when they didn't have to. Like I can sometimes understand the why people ship relatives together from tv shows. The fans like the interaction of the characters and probably just like the idea of these characters together. Okay I don't agree with it but I can understand that part of it. but here it's totally different. These are OCs. They didn't have to be relatives. Thomas could had been anyone else's kid. So the artists chose to make these characters as cousins and have them have a romantic relationship. And the excuse of Ferb and Vanessa being onboard with it was a poor reasoning to me. I mean I never shipped Ferb and Vanessa from the show and I actually was pissed off by the "Act Your Age" ending where the showed the Ferb and Vanessa were together. It was just stupid wish fulfillment. I didn't think it made any sense other than to give the fans what they wanted.

Vanessa and Monty weren't that interesting on the show but I could see potential story line that would be entertaining. I didn't see them getting married or nothing but to be honest without Olivia Olson's voice Vanessa is a bland character to me anyway but I liked seeing a villain raising his daughter. 

But the reason why I can't see Vanessa and Ferb being okay with the incest is because I...Well, I liked to believe that Vanessa and Ferb didn't get together until he was 18. I really really wished the "Act Your Age" was set when the characters were in college so I could make it up in my mind that Vanessa and Ferb actually got together when he was at least 21 but yeah Act Your Age episode was like looking at someone's fanfiction animated. I kind of hated that episode. I remember someone told me "Well Vanessa and Ferb probably are taking it slow. They don't have to be in a sexual relationship." And I highly doubted that. What 18 year old is going to get with a 25 year old woman just to "take it slow?" And rethinking about the episode made Vanessa and Ferb's relationship seem like it's been going on for a while. Like they at least were already together for a year or more which is...he's still in high school! I just really hate that canon pairing and actually don't like Isabella and Phineas either. 
SuperFangirl13 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
1. My reaction to Marie: Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak OCs look "cooler"!
2. What's your opinion on KickstarAsh? Her OCs have some depth, from what I see, and she seems way more original.
Marieflynn1234567890 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
They can love each other because, ferb is phineas step brothers and Thomas and marie are step cousin's, if they where just cousins it would be rong,
StrawberryGiggles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Student Writer
Two years on, and I agree so much with this still. Seriously. She sucks.
sketchArtBrony Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I completely agree with this!
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, you are currently hearing from Thomarie's NUMBER 1 FAN as I explain to you that,
you are all around haters, 
you obviously no ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these characters seeing as you pass off every good thing about them, as bad,
you must be blind concerning any GOOD SHIPPINGS,
and just so you know, if you would stop being to PETTY and stop critisizing great art, maybe you might actually see some BEAUTY in the world!
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Student Artist
Lemme ask you something.... you even know WHY Thomas suddenly likes Marie after spending most of his time being annoyed by her as a kid? Why does Marie suddenly like Thomas back after even Paola confirmed that she only liked him as a cousin?

I know why. It's because there's absolutely no DEPTH to this relationship; there's no love, there's no relatable and there's certainly nothing good about Thomarie. It's a stereotypical tweenage romance that even the worse of anime shipping or even Twilight couldn't have me less caring about it.

Marie has no character, therefore has no true personality or realistic emotion for me to give a crap about her liking her step-cousin. And before you ask, I know that they're not blood-related, but it's also the fact that there's nothing unique, likable or even cute about Thomarie whatsoever. It's a load of crap that people like you are eating up JUST because it sorta looks nice.

Great art doesn't equal good characters, relationships or stories. It's my opinion that Thomarie is a load of crap, THE END. But if you wanna waste your time praising and faving and drawing Thomarie, go right ahead.
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I just, like it, I can find no discernible explanation or reason for why, it just appeals to me, somehow. Thank you for elaborating more on, WHY you believe what you do, I retract my former statement, you have a reason for not liking it, just like how somewhere in MY brain there's an explanation for why I like it, I haven't found it just yet, but it's there. So continue to criticize it as much as you like, you have a profound reason, that's better than what I have. I apologize for my previous outrage, I'm just very protective of my ships, whether they make any sense or not.
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Please do not hate me.
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I just got caught up in my love of nonsensical shojo slice-of-life anime like ships.
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Also, about what you said about the ship not making any sense, how strangely Thomas falls for Marie after hating her as children (or something like that) and Marie starting to think of Thomas completely differently. Well, all I have to say is that, love is very complicated, a lot more complicated than we (as humans) make it seem. And yes, I know, this is one of the less complicated and more stereotype related ships, and yes, I know, the slightly story-book-character waythey are written would probably not correspond well with a complicated sort of love, but, sometimes you just have to look past all the details, and just enjoy how wonderfully far from reality this is. 
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can you please make some sort of comment showing that anyone besides my friend in this place actually gives a crap about what I have to say.
DeviousKid45 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I cringe at the spelling errors at this analysis, but I digress. I agree on most of the points made here.
IchinaraYakumo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
i think by "her father's daughter", they mean he finds a personality like his uncle's attractive in, i suppose, a girl, and since she was raised by him, she does display some similarities to him.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student Artist
See, if these two stepcousins weren't raised by people who value the stepfamily way, I wouldn't be so pissed off about. Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers and yet they love each and treat other as if they ARE brother. They do to same to each other's parents and Candace. They come together and they love each other, regardless of the blood relations.

So why would they be cool with their children dating each other?
IchinaraYakumo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
i wasn't justifying their actions at all. you were saying in the review that it sounded like thomas was into incest. which he is, but not necessarily exclusively. saying someone is their parent's child is saying that the resemblance is so strong, there's no way to mistake it. i was simply explaining what i believe was trying to be said with those three words in that order. take out the incest part & he could still see her the same way, and describe her the same way, have fallen for her personality & manner of acting. because it was so much like her father's; perhaps he admired him and liked those same qualities in a mate. i was just explaining the figure of speech; i'm not saying that the rest of it is wrong; i think the way you were taking it - though, admittedly, it does make as much sense the way you interpreted it - was more literal instead of the figure of speech i'm more familiar with.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student Artist
In that case, it's just unoriginal in the case of how Thomas even found Marie remotely attractive; you're saying it like that, then they're just taking another trait from Phineas and Isabella and giving to Marie...basically the fact that someone liked her for being "creative" and "upbeat". =I

Heck, the authors haven't even established a reason WHY they should be together or why Thomas suddenly finds her attractive.
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Um I do not think love requires a reason. And you can't control it, it just, happens. There's no telling who you fall for, or even why, it's just, you do.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Student Artist
Love, in reality, doesn't really need reasons. However, these are fancharacters based on a character, so there SHOULD be a reason why Thomas and Marie are a couple in a narrative  and characterized standpoint.

Marie loving Thomas even though she grew up with him and knew him as her stepcousin most of her life? That's random, it's not realistic and it's not appealing as a relationship to root for. People know why Phineas and Isabella would end up together....they started out as best friends, one of which liked the other because of his imagination, his good-natured attitude and his determination to never give up.

Thomarie doesn't have anything to make people LIKE them in a relationship sense. Randomly falling in love with someone (especially with someone they've known most of their lives and rarely thought of them as a romantic possiblity) is unrealistic, fairy-tale crap that is devoid of realism and worthwhile content. 
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You make, a good point, still, I kinda like how unrealistic it is. It helps me escape from the mind boggling, soul sucking, hellish reality we live in.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student Artist
Until you realize that these characters are incredibly annoying and boring they are and how little one can relate to them.

I mean, if you're using them as an escape from reality, they're literally the last people to be "taken from reality". Marie and Thomas are amazingly dull and boring, their "drama" is pitiful and not worth attention and frankly, they're more shallow than most reality TV casts.

Why not use the actual show as an escape from reality? They're funny, they're likable, they have relatable issues and flaws that makes us like them even more and they're way more disjointed from reality than anything Marie and Thomas could offer. 
(1 Reply)
IchinaraYakumo Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
you are the ones who did the research on her and wrote this out, and i cannot refute those statements.
Loveydoveylol Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Artist
........... You son of a @&&$&& sorry it just u wasted ur time
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Artist
If only Marie didn't suck so bad and wasn't a waste of time for her creators~
Loveydoveylol Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Student Artist
Loveydoveylol Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Student Artist
To type something so stupid for someone's relationship
phinabella11 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
PnFfan101 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
I actually agree with you and Joey! I hate her, her pairing, and even her fandom! This is why I made my own OC that acts like Phineas and Isabella, but without all the things you said. A girl that likes adventure, and is shy around boys THAT ARE NOT HER COUSINS. And she is mostly not like Marie, but she has a headband, long blonde hair, a red sleeveless shirt, and blue heels. I like what you did here and will like what you tell off about her. Keep up the good work!
SquidFiction Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I had no idea what this whole 'Thomarie' thing was all about thanks for clearing it up, it was beginning to annoy me. Now it annoys me more knowing exactly what it is o.O I'll stick to original P&F 'thank you very much'
LordMushroomKat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Khaka PeŁ PeŁ!
keyblademaster113 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
Really, you're gonna put the Norm thing against a comic that was created 2 years prior to that episode? That's just childish, man
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Artist
1.) Erik thought Norm had died in the episode when he clearly wouldn't be killed and not to mention comes back "Where's Perry".

2.) Hey, if said comic can make a ton of references to AT2D, a movie that came out a year before the comic was even finished, it's free game.
keyblademaster113 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Yeah, but the comic was almost done by the time that episode came out, so really, there's no comparison to your point.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Artist
Me referencing "Wedding Impossible" was in fact a joke, my friend; I doubt they'd can Norm like that.
keyblademaster113 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
LOL, everybody loves Norm! :dummy:
Cookie3Death3Cap Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student Writer
[link] :XD:
You can tell an OC fails when you can edit screen shots of their parent(s). Oh, and I hate that she says "What'cha Doin'" :pissed:
RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Yes I know. It's just downright stupid and offensive to do this.

At least I'm doing a little well with Rachel 'Ray Gun' Flynn. Did you check her out at all? I did send you the pictures?
Cookie3Death3Cap Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student Writer
Yes, good job on her story so far. :D
RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Okay then. I might want to stop advertising her for a while becuase I think I'm beginning to annoy him.
Cookie3Death3Cap Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student Writer
Who's "him"?
RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Cookie3Death3Cap Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Student Writer
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student Artist
Dude, I'm about THIS close to blocking you; STOP advertising your stuff on my comments!
RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
OKAY OKAY OKAY! I'm so sorry. I'll never do that again. I just thought that I wanted them to have a little interest in Rachel but now I'm being a lot more annoying right now based on how you're going to block me.

I do have a tendancy but it turns out I'm being desparate about this. Is it true that I'm more annoying right now than i was?
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You guys...

Remember how I told you about the Ask Marie thing?

Pao has an...


RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer

If She make him more of what they made him to be? I'll give Thomas a piece of my mind.

You did know that I'm developing Rachel more than what Paola's been doing with Marie and Thomas, right?
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes! I know, it's crazy.

So far, she actually hasn't done one yet. I'm still waiting for it, though.

Yes, totally.
RedJoey1992 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Who would've thought of that?

Oh yeah Is there A WAY To foind out how to translate the Ask Marie parts using Bing Translator since It doesn't help me copy and paste it onto the translator.

Why thank you. :)
lovelyBRN13 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I know!

Oh, yeah, and I won't have to go comment hunting either.

You're welcome. :)
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