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August 16, 2013


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Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel (Rant-ish Revie

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 9:31 PM

Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel (Rant-ish Review)

Creep: Hey, I'm grump.....oh I thought Erik was gonna follow me up on that joke, w'ever. XD Anyway....crossover time. Even with almost everyone just....not even bothering with the show anymore, I remain dedicated and lovin' P&F. <3 Besides, I can't multitask fandoms. >.> Anyway, me, along with Erik and Kitters, are going to discuss and rant about our reactions, opinions and various things about the crossover, Mission Marvel. Even for someone who loved Season 3 and think Season 4 is pretty good so far, I felt...slightly discouraged. Not enough to not see, but sometime tells me that the obvious crossover is a blatant showing-off of Disney having Marvel....and this crossover may or may not suck.

Kit: They did it with Club Penguin, so I guess Phineas and Ferb was next. =w=

Erik: ...I'm just pissed over Ash!Phineas rearing its ugly head.


Kit: We'll get to that, Erik. |D

Erik: Well that's the only reason we're doing complain about that.

Kit: Eh, sure.

Creep: Yeah...let's talk about that.

Creep: Not that anyone cares anymore, but if the fandom was just as huge and full of life as it were....a mere few years ago, people would be just...talking SHIT about Phineas becoming angry again. Yes, he's mad again and folks....better get some tissues 'cause it's not will make you feel empty.

Kit: ...It wasn't, but I would say it would make you feel empty. >~> It's a confusing, unwarranted scene, and it certainly made me uncomfortable, but oddly, the impact wasn't as great as I expected it to be. 0wo

Erik: Oh I disagree, I think the fandom has improved a little bit. And if it had been a few years ago, nobody would have given a crap.

Creep: Meh. Just about all of my friends are no longer among the P&F crowd, migrating to other shows after Season 3 just about ended or so. But anyway, yeah....Phineas getting angry would warrant a sad and somewhat tragic moment in the special, right? NOPE. =3 Believe it or not, if one can honestly believe this, the anger scene actually paints Phineas into an...asshole of sorts. Mixed with Phineas being angry having a weird effect on people, you'll either feel dead inside, start crying or both.

Kit: I bet you anything Phineas fangirls will argue circles around it saying he was freaked about the superheroes and Candace fucked up so the anger was justified, etc etc.... I just felt mostly shocked that Phineas went to such levels as to tear up Candace's card and then half-ignore her when she tried to apologize... so, yeah; I love Phineas to pieces, but his anger was unjustified, even if he apologized and recognized this later.

Erik: But yeah, that's all this is really about...the episode itself was a little awkward, but not as awkward as I suspected. Phineas, however, is where it all went downhill.

Creep: Phineas seemed to be much more anger and actually seem to regress to his "Rollercoaster" personality, especially towards Candace at some point. Candace....yes, accidently turns on the machine before Ferb finishes and swaps the heroes powers, but....damn, Phineas just eats her out like she just shot one of them or something.

Kit:, not really. He's just kinda, 'Candace, you fucked up. |<" and then he gets over it pretty quick... until the next fuck up; THEN he completely chews her out over something anyone could have done if they didn't understand how an intricate machine worked.

Erik: ...The 2nd one really got me. She plugged in...a machine. How is that NOT an honest mistake? What fucking machine immediately turns on after being plugged in?

Phineas: No!!! You don't know!! The entire Tri-State Area, and, possibly, the world is at stake here! Honestly, Candace, if you don't know what you're doing, keep your hands off the machinery!

Candace: Well, then, maybe I should just leave!

Phineas: Yeah! Maybe you should!

Kit: THAT part made me more uncomfortable than the 2nd one, to be honest. Just the way he spoke to Candace; like she was completely incompetent and he don't got time for her shit or something.

Creep: Look, it wasn't much what he said, but how he said it.

Erik: Isn't that the first one?

Creep: I mean, dude....if you listen to his tone, it makes it sound like Candace is he's insulting her, in a way. =I

Kit: This is just kind of weird because he didn't even get this mad when Candace - or anyone - screwed up any of the other times in the series; he's usually really blase about it. "Oh, crap, that happened. .-. Plan B! 8D Or... D, whichever one we're on. :D" He's not really one to put fault or blame on other people; he just works with it.

Creep: It's more justified in like "Summer Belongs To You" with the infamous "GET ON THE TRIKE"; for that, Candace was being obviously an annoying fuck as Phineas is already pressured and running out of time. This line proves that...even Phineas runs out of patience if you push him. This is, even with Candace fucking up the first time, seems...a little half-ass.

Erik: Even his shouting at Perry was less than this...

Creep: That was because it was more dramatic irony and the fact that Perry couldn't explain his actions at all since he was a platypus.

Erik: ...Yeah, but that was a bigger deal and he was much less angry. Here, he gets angry BEFORE he finds out about the threat.

Creep: It kinda rounds back to the fact that he treats the issues of the superheroes lacking powers as a big much of a big deal, he acts like he can't fuck around with this.

Kit: I'm just hoping this is some kind of subtle shot at superhero angst, how some superheroes will snap at people or go on a rant about any fuck up no matter how little.

Creep: ...don't normal people do that anyway? XD

Kit: I don't know. XD I'm just trying to justify Phineas being an ass. XD

Phineas: Really, Candace?! Do you have any idea what you just did?!

Candace: I was just trying to help.

Phineas: Well, your help this morning messed up so badly, we came this close to being wiped out at the mall! I thought you've learned your lesson!!

Candace: But...but Ió

Phineas: "But" no! You show up again to help, and now Baljeet has been hulkified and is rampaging who knows where!! And we're back to square one with restoring the heroes' powers!!

Candace: But...butó

Phineas: This is just too important!! And we can't afford any more setbacks!! (Takes off her lanyard) I'm revoking your S.H.E.D. card! (Tears up the card.) You have to go!! Now!!!

Creep: Wow, just tearing up her card.

Kit: For the record, he did not yell as much as the lines are making it out to be. =w= Vincent Martella just can't seem to do a whole lot of rage as much as 'big, major annoyance' with Phineas. At least, not in this one.

Erik: ...You're right...he yelled MORE! Those lines really understate it.

Creep: Well, it's because....Phineas isn't really designed to be so angry 100% of the time; it's not his thing and not who he is.

Erik: And then there's the 3rd time...the 2nd time was the hardest to hear, but the third time...

Candace: Phineas, look, I'm sorry.

Phineas: How did you get in? I thought I revoked your S.H.E.D. ID.

Candace: Isabella gave me her guest pass.

Phineas: Fine, but...don't touch anything.

Candace: Ferb, you've gotta listen to me!

Phineas: (to Ferb) The shoulder joint's ready. (climbing down the ladder) Excuse me, Candace.

Candace: Phineas, can't you stop and listen?

Phineas: Candace, you don't understand! The guys are in trouble! If we can't get downtown to help them, this may be their final battle!

Kit: And now Phineas is in a hurry and is half-ignoring her and doesn't have time for it.

Creep: This isn't shocking, but actually regressing back to his Rollercoaster personality.

Erik: Even when she's apologizing, Phineas STILL chews her out!

Creep: You know, this could easily imply something that Phineas has for Candace; ever notice how this is the second time he's lost his patience with Candace? Perhaps he's holding some sort of hatred for her.

Kit: It seems it's only when he's under pressure or something. 0~o But, around the third fight, I noticed something. Ferb was watching his brother and sister fight - or, rather, Phin being an almighteh douche - and was saying nothing about it. Am I the only one bothered by that? I can't be the only one bothered by Ferb's lack of initiative.

Creep: Yeah....Ferb doesn't really have much to bring to the table.....

Erik: It's funny because Ferb talks a lot during this episode too...and yet has nothing to say about this.

Creep: Actually, I checked; he talks less than he does in AT2D and SBTY.

Erik: This is also much shorter.

Creep: Shorter?

Kit: AT2D was a movie, SBTY was a full hour, this was just around 45 minutes.

Creep: So was the Christmas special, but I don't care; they could have easily made an hour, but then it would be nothing but padding. There's another issue I wanted to address in the special...Isabella. Ummm...what's her deal?

Kit: Ah, yes, her being shoved into the 'useless female' role despite, 1) Several female superheroes existing, and 2) her being a tiny badass; tough and intelligent all rolled into one; she and Candace could have raided the SHED, made their own girlyfied Beak Armor and rushed in to fight or something.

Creep: This kinda derails her character, considering....she....she's very tough for a little girl and having fought off other forces alongside everyone else (including Mitch on her own). See, I told North about a theory I had about why they're shoved to the side. You see, Marvel, being a superhero franchise, would obviously be more towards boys rather than girls. Candace's subplot with Phineas and Isabella being...kicked out for some reason could be because they were trying to solve in a small "girl power" schick with two main female characters, hence why Isabella even referenced female superpowers.

Erik: ...But really...Isabella just falls to pieces over nothing. Buford calls her a little girl and walks off. And then she does a duet with Candace--hey, did anyone else notice her last line in that song? Something like "I just want to help, Phineas. =(" Why is she directing it at Phineas?

Creep: Hmmm...I think Isabella's issue was more towards an internal issue, her suddenly feeling out of place among the guys. Even Iron Man just scoots her away when she tries to help during her song.

Kit: Well, to be fair, Iron Man's not entirely used to her tiny badassery, but the point remains. =w=

Creep: The other guys don't even rebuttal this action and Isabella, for some reason, doesn't speak up for herself at all. >.> I was under the impression that Isabella is very direct and sort.

Erik: ...A lot of the drama was kinda forced in...<.<

Creep: Now that we got the rest of that drama done...what about the rest of the special? XD

Kit: ...Eh. =w= The fight scenes were cool and the Avengers (And Spidey) were funny. :D

Creep: If there were anything awesome about the was in fact the Marvel characters. They have the best lines and Red Skull is hilariously hammy. XD

Kit: Dude, IronMan!Hulk made this entire special worth existing. XD

Creep: Not as much as Hulkjeet. =3 That was badass and adorable at the same time. XD

Kit: Mm-hm. :3 I liked how the ending wrapped up, with the heroes leaving... I think it was mostly Hulk and Baljeet's bit at the end. :3 That was adorbs. <3

Creep: I will be honest, though, some of the villains felt....useless. I think Red Skull and MODOK got more character out of the special as Venom and Whiplash didn't really do much in terms of personality.

Kit: I don't even know who MODOK is. I'm looking at that thing going, '...the newscaster's description was pretty accurate; what IS THAT?'

Creep: MODOK's the big headed guy.

Kit: I gathered, but who's villain is he?

Creep: He's generally a villain of the Avengers in general (although I learnt him from Super Hero Squad).

Kit: ...Huh. Never heard of him. .-. I assumed Spiderman or Iron man for two seconds.

Creep: What's weird is that Red Skull is for some in the special and yet he's the archenemy of CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Kit: Which leaves out opportunity for some funny jokes, but whatever; we have jokes about his accent, so I'm content. =w=

Creep: Weirdly enough, we don't have a villain equal to Thor, but whatever.

Erik: ...I realized the true intention of this crossover. The show revealed it to me. Remember when Candace revealed the origin of her fangirlness? She goes on to state that she became a fan of Marvel when it crossed over with Ducky Momo, prompting her to do research on them. That's the point of this and the Star Wars get more people into those and make Disney more money.

Creep: I will admit, the Star Wars episodes sound appealing to me. >.> Again...Perry's a Jedi, Isabella's Han Solo, Ferb becomes Darth Maul and eventually fights Phineas. That will be badass.

Kit: Of course the entire point of this episode was advertising + more money. XD That's the only reason crossovers even exist. XD But, yeah, I'm totally pumped for the Star Wars episode. I want my brother on brother fight; I've wanted that for two whole seasons, damnit. XD And it better not be a two-second bit where Ferb's evil for about ten seconds and someone comically returns him to normal; I want a fight first. |<

Creep: It's written as if it's a plot point so it's probably a big deal other than a joke. Anyway, overall, thoughts? I found it...average. Even taking account to the whole Phineas and Candace and Isabella crap, the special was...okay. The action was decent, the humor was funny, the interactions weren't so bad and for a crossover, it was decently blended with P&F's style.

Kit: It had its good moments, had its bad moments; it was decent. The Avengers Plus Spidey were the best part of the whole episode. |D I danced around the episode and just watched their bits and I laughed my ass off; I would have been content watching these guys play off each other the whole episode. C|

Creep: I just wished Phineas didn't act like an ass, Candace didn't act so fangirly about everything (North joked how fangirls ruined everything. XD) and I wish Isabella didn't take the guys' shit and act like she WAS useless. Two of my favorite characters weren't even part of the action. >.> It had lots of fanfiction-y traits that made it feel like I was sporking Ash's crap...

Kit: It seriously does feel like fanfiction with a budget; just not BAD fanfiction with a budget. 9w9

Creep: If anything, this is STILL better than normal fanfiction. >.> I guess I can take Angry!Phineas than Emo!Phineas.

Erik: ...Eh. One of the weaker episodes to me. It just feels so...out of place...that I don't think I can mentally consider it canon.

Creep: I don't really consider it canon either...didn't really leave such an impact on it.

Kit: Yeah, I won't consider it canon in Ultimate Spiderman canon, so I wouldn't consider it canon in P&F... or canon period. Just advertising. 9w9 Or... bragging with a budget. |D

Erik: It did have some good jokes though. Felt a bit awkward, but not as awkward as I expected...then again, I don't watch Marvel, so maybe it's really fucking awkward in ways I don't understand.

Kit: In Spiderman's and Iron Man's case, it's not that awkward. For Hulk and Thor.... eh. 9~9 Could be more awkward because they're serious heroes, but... I'd lie if I said their scenes didn't kill me. |D Hulk attempting to be Iron Man was the best part. XD

Creep: I don't believe it canon...considering it's the Marvel universe; doesn't make sense that it exists in P&F's universe....>.> So....we'll just call it the "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" and say that it was special that could have been better. It's not canon, so I guess the events that occured doesn't really make a big deal...'cause they didn't happen in canon. >.>

Kit: True enough. So, we basically just bitched over non-canon stuff for almost 3-4 pages. XD

Creep: Pffttt, we do that all the time for more pages. XD

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Dreamy-Wonder23 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Phineas is only human he is going to flip from time to time. Didn't Candace almost kill everyone anyways? I just wish they would do this more often then it wouldn't be a huge shocker whenever he does in specials like these. I would love to see Ferb flip for once though.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Artist
Ferb flipping out is unwelcome moreso than Phineas flipping out. >.>
Tpffan5196 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
I thought it was okay. It wasn't the best P&F episode. I give it an 8 out of 10.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Artist
To me....7.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, seeing as though the fandom is pretty empty, I have nothing to say, other than I just watch it for the sake of it.


Then again, the producers and other people at TV-land are pretty much just fucking everything up. I think they're tired.

CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Artist

Even with this, I don't think P&F's on the far end of being "tired" like other long-running shows.
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm just saying this, man; eventually, all TV shows are going down the crapper.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Artist
Unless they don't suck and end before they start sucking badly.
IamNotcrazyYouare Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student
Woah, why's Phineas so OOC? O.o 

I have yet to watch the episode. ^^;
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Artist
It's crazy, man.
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