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(Full) Spork Title: The Big Bang Spork.

Another story with Marie! We’re on a roll!

Fandom: Phineas and Ferb.

Story Title: The Bing Bang Marie.

Culprit Author's Name: Animegx43.

Full Names (plus titles if any): María “Marie” Elizabeth “Ely” Flynn Garcia-Shapiro..

Full Species: Human.

Hair Color (include adjectives): Red.

Eye Color (include adjectives): Blue.

Unusual Markings/Colorations: N/A.

Special Possessions (if any): Stupidity.

Annoying Origin: The Queens. Ugh.

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Genetically-enhanced spawn of Phineas and Isabella..

Annoying Special Abilities: Michael Bay’s explosion powers.

Other Annoying Traits: Childishness to the Nth degree.

small medium large sample of the best worst this story has to offer:


Marisa: I can do better.

Erik: Oh dear God...
Bryan: Man, as if the title wasn’t enough by sounding like the title of a cheesy porno, this line certainly doesn’t help!

Creep: Do I need to sing that song again? xD

Soundly sleeping in her bed next to her pet Pinky, Isabella Garcia Shapiro has no idea that she was suppose to have woken up already.

Creep: I’m sure people know who Isabella is without you telling us her last name.

Bryan: Everybody is Captain Obvious in FFNet.

Erik: This again? Had. HAD!!! My God! If you’re going to do present time, I’m pretty damn sure you gotta do it in 1st person.

"...Oh, Phineas...Yes I will marry you...hmm..." She says, dreaming of you-know-who.

Bryan: That last... moan doesn’t help either.

Creep: She must thinking some....pretty sick dreams. O.o

Erik: You-know-who? Wtf? Just say Phineas. Actually, why bother? We KNOW who she’s dreaming of.

Suddenly, her chihuahua, Pinky, wakes up. Seeing Isabella still asleep, he jumps right on her and starts licking her face. Naturally, this wake her up from her dream.

Creep: Suddenly reminds me of Erik. XD *inside joked’d.* But even then, why explain that she woke up in such a formal matter; it sounds so....stupid. :/

Erik: XD

"HUH-wha...? Oh, Pinky. Heehee." She giggles when she wakes up. But her happiness quickly comes to an end when she sees her clock. "-GASP-OH MY GOSH! I'M LATE FOR PHINEAS' DAILY SUMMER FUN!"

Isabella: I’m never late for his project! He could be meeting a new girl or something! *Referenced’d*

Erik: Since when is it scheduled?

Creep: Must be Baljeet’s doings.

North: “Daily Summer  Fun” just sounds weird to me.

Bryan: Hey! That’s my line!

Now in a hurry to get over to Phineas and Ferb's house, she zooms like a flash of light to get over to Phineas' house before she misses anything.

Creep: Powered by the power, she turns into the Flash.

Bryan: I know I have a gif here somewhere...

 She dashes past a set of her clothes, replacing them with pajamas instantly, and heads right out the door.

Creep: Certain cartoon antics don’t work with Phineas & Ferb. Only a few.

Erik: To this author’s credit, at least this crappy current tense 3rd person is consistent.

Creep: True ‘dat.

Still afraid of being late of handing out her daily 'Wha’cha Doing' line, she literally runs out of her house to run to the house across the street.

Erik: So what about the times she doesn’t even show? Not every episode has Isabella.

Creep: True, but it’s basically a catchphrase; it’s as repetitive as the “Aren’t you a little young for this” line.

"Huff...hufff...I hope I won't be too-"


North: Suddenly, out of nowhere, that kid from the Flintstones showed up.

Erik: Oh fuck.

Creep: Actually, I thought of a much horrible image. O.o

Bryan: … wow, I feel replaced.

Out of nowhere, she gets tackled down to the ground by another girl, causing both to land hard on the sidewalk.

North: Chick fight!

"Ow! Hey, what's the big-"

Bryan: … seriously? I don’t even have to make a joke!


Creep: And then, Marie got run over and got her brains smeared all over the streets. Likin’ it so far.

North: HUZZAH!


 It isn't until after a speeding car had drove past her house until she realizea that she was better off getting tackled then running across the street.


"You've got to be careful! A heavy car moving at 40 miles an hour usually hurts." The girl says.

Marisa: Wear a helmet, you won’t hurt your pretty little head.

North: Captain Obvious!


Bryan: Captain Obvious died of jealousy. Again.

"Uhh...yeah..." Isabella says, still in shock from almost getting ran over. But, she quickly perks up and smiles. "I guess I owe you one for saving me."

"Nah. Don't mention it."

Erik: Again, to their credit, they are least introducing this OC. But it feels so awkward and forced.

Creep: Yes, the awkward bumping into each other isn’t exactly refreshing.

Bryan: Bumping... into... you guys don’t need me for the jokes.

Now that things have gotten calm, Isabella can now actually examine her savior.

Erik: Poorly phrased.

She'a a little girl, not too much younger then Izzy herself, but still noticeably shorter. The girl has a cute freckled face, short red hair,and a yellow bow on top of her head.

 Erik: Wait...this isn’t an OC...

Bryan: Nah, I call it “The Non-Dalek Abomination”... ™.

Isabella also noticed that she's wearing clothes that looks exactly the same as her own, except the girl's were the same shade of yellow as her hair bow. Izzy knows that the two of them will definitly get along.

Erik: can’t be...

Bryan: Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

"Let's be friends! I'm Isabella Garcia-Shapiro!"

Erik:, no, no, no....

Bryan: Holy... is this for real?

"YAY! I'D LOVE TO BE FRIENDS! I'M MARIE FLY-uhh, I mean...Marie Flam!"

Creep: And suddenly the story becomes annoying and horrible. >.<


Bryan: … fuck this shit. Gif party!

"Nice to meet you, Marie!"

Creep: And Marie “Flam”? Are you joking?

Erik: Kill me!!!

Bryan: *fires a gun*

North: He’s dead.


"Let's see...we could fight build a, we do that all the time! Surf a tital wave? No, done it...Drive Candace insane?"

Creep: Blatant reference.

Erik: Albeit it’s in the theme song, since when do P&F actually TRY to drive Candace insane?

Phineas: Eh, it’s a short trip.

Bryan: Hey, they had to do the same stuff that they did in the intro. Look at the giant dog!

"You guys do that like it is a bodily function!" Baljeet says.

Creep: WHAT.

Bryan: You guys seriously don’t need me.

Normally at this time, Phineas and Ferb would've already found something fun and exciting to do with Baljeet, Buford, and Isabella (Who still hasn't showed up yet). But today is different. Because of all of the adventure they've had so far this summer, they're realizing that they're running out of things to do!

Creep: Since when do THEY run out of ideas? There’s a shit-load of things to do. :/

Erik: This is one of those stories that just FEELS awkward reading...but you can’t really pick out what’s so bad in certain places.

"We could give a monkey a shower!" Buford suggests.

Marisa:That somehow turned me on.

Bryan: Youre a sick woman!

"Nah. Ferb already did that." Phineas says.

Creep: Blatant references AREN’T FUNNY. Using the same jokes TWICE ISN’T FUNNY.

"What, so that means I can't do it?"

Erik: Urgh....

Before an angry argument can erupt from Buford, some girls finally walk into the Flynn-Fletcher backyard. Isabella, and her new friend Marie.

Creep: “Before an angry argument can erupt from Buford....” Poorly worded. 

Bryan: At least be thankful it was going to be an argument.

"Hi, guys!" Isabella says.

"Hey, Isabella!" Phineas answers. "Who's your friend."


Bryan: *snerk*

"This is Marie Flam. She actually just saved my life like 5 minutes ago! Maybe she can join our gang!"

Erik: URGHHH! This just feels so awkward and forced...

Creep: FLAM???? 

Bryan: I’ve got your flam right here! … what?

"It's nice to meet you, Marie!" Phineas says. Then he gives her a nice welcome by offering a friendly handshake. Marie accepts it with honor.

Erik: Why? Why with honor? This is her Dad, she’s probably done this all the time. It’s like like she’s meeting the president or something.

Creep: This IS Marie we’re talking about; the girl who tries so hard to be exactly like her parents. I’m not surprised if she treats them royalty.

Bryan: You mean like this?

"So YOUR Phineas Flynn? I've heard SO much about your crazy adventures and inventions!" Marie says. "So...whacha doin'?

Marisa: *Bitchslaps Marie*

Erik: Not suspicious at all that she knows about them....

Creep: “YOUR”? You fail basic grammar, huh?

Bryan: >Marie.

 "Hey, I said you can join the gang, not steal my catchphrase!"

North: It is so on!

Erik: Urgh...again, this feels forced. It’s like the author picked up a manual titled “How to rip off P&F for your crappy fanfic.”

Creep: *eyeroll*

"Well, actually ladies...we don't know what we're doing." Phineas says. "We've done so much this summer that our list of things to do is starting to come up dry."

Erik: Bullshit.

Creep: I’ve seen these guys built an entire theme park...about CHEESE. I think they’re totally set with what they can do this summer. 

Bryan: They can make non-awesome things awesome! Like... drying paint!

"The only thing we really haven't done yet is build nanobots." Ferb comments.

Erik: Enough refrences.


North: Phineas & Ferb then ended up created the gray goo and destroying the world.

Bryan: Beats the hell out of this story.

"I still wanna give a monkey a shower..."Buford states.


Creep: Sweet Christ, SHUT UP! The jokes don’t work TWICE!

"Bummer, guys." Izzy says. "I'm sure there's-"

"Actually, maybe I can help!" Marie blurts in.


Creep: She’ll ruin everything! Literally and figuratively!

Bryan: Is Isabella gonna have to choke a bitch?

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she pulls out some large sheets of paper. "I guess you can call me a fan of your work. I've been inspired by alot of your projects and have made many of my own! Though I've been stuck on one particular invention, so maybe..."

Erik: This is just...annoying to read.

Creep: Marie is also a fangirl? I would say that she should get laid, but considering the pairing she’s in, I dunno what to say.

Bryan: Heyremember when I wanted that gif party?

Phineas takes a good look at the blue prints that Marie pulls out. After looking at them, he gets an excited look. Even Ferb cracks out a smile after looking at them. Whatever it is that Marie has written down, it's quite something.

North: Yes, it really is “quite something.”

"This may actually be the most fun thing we'll be making this summer!" Phineas says. "Ferb, I know what we're doing today! Thanks Marie."

Erik: If Marie’s involved I doubt it. Why can’t they be subtle in this introduction?

Creep: It’s fanfic; it’s a miracle that this is readable.

Bryan: Be thankful it even has decent grammar, for Snap’s, Crackle’s and Pop’s sake.

Marie is pleased that she could help out and even giggled in excitement.

Erik: *shudders*

North: She is pleased, because as soon as she can, she will take over their minds and use them to take over the world.

Creep: The laugh of evil.....

Bryan: Uh... *doubts his faith in humanity*

But before anyone did anything else, Marie looks around the ground with a concerned face.

"Hey! Where's Perry?" She asks

"Wow, you really do like stealing do you know Perry is our pet?" Phineas asks.

Marisa: Well, Phineas finally spotted the obvious.

Erik: Good fucking question.

Creep: At least they attempt at lampshading....more or less.

Bryan: Eh, I give it a 5 for trying.

Much to her humiliation, Marie can't give a good reason about knowing Perry.

 Marisa: She’s too stupid to think, it hurts her brains.

Erik: And they don’t press the issue any further...=/

Bryan: >Fangirl. Just fucking say it, you dumb ho!

 "Just an fyi Marie, we already have a creepy stalker. His name is Irving." Izzy says.

Marisa: Correction, it’s Marie.

Erik: OH GOD!!! This entire thing was worth reading just for this. XD

Creep: Pffttt, even Irving has some class, dude. He doesn’t ACT like the boys like their fuckin’ daughter.

Bryan: That sentence, even if took a jab at Irving (poor guy), was fucking win.


Dooby dooby doo-bah! Dooby dooby doo-bah!

 Standing just outside of the household, Perry the Platypus swiftly puts his hat and gets ready for work. Seeing the trash can on the sidewalk, he jumps on top of it, takes off the lid, and jumps inside, closing it on his way down.

Erik: Holy shit! A fanfiction writer that actually includes a Perry plot? That’s something!

Creep: Don’t get your hopes up yet; we don’t know if they’ll bother to put effort into it.

Bryan: Let’s wait and see.



Then he climbs out of the trash can with a banana peel on his head, realizing that he jumped into a REAL trash can. So he hops over to the one next to it, and enters it in the same way. Sliding through the chute to his secret lair, he lands right on his chair in front of the giant computer, where Major Monogram waits for him.

Erik: And they even TRY to add humor?!

Creep: Good....

Bryan: I recovered some faith in humanity.

"Good morning, Agent P!" He greets. "'ve, um, got something on your head there."

That 'something' is the banana peel that's STILL on Perry's head. So he simply takes it off his head and tosses it away.

 Marisa: Cheesy.

Creep: I wish they didn’t explain it so explicitly; it almost ruins the joke.

Bryan: Eh, too good to last. Still a somewhat funny image.

"Anyway, Doofenshmirtz has recently purchased a large amount of explosive supplies. A huge amount of fireworks, C4, blasting powder, as well as a can of diet cola and mints. Either the Doctor is planning the greatest show of all time, or he's up to no good. Investigate immidiately!"

Erik: Didn’t “a large amount of explosive supplies” cover all of that?

Bryan: Eh, too soon to tell.

Following his orders, Perry sets of to Doofensmirtz's place as fast as he can to foil his evil plans.

Agent- P!

 "Hey Carl! You think he'll come back and slip on that banana peel he threw on the floor?" The major asks.


Erik: Holy fuck...effort!

Creep: They didn’t mention who’s saying that. Of course it’s Carl, but it doesn’t say HE’S saying it.

Bryan: I give it a 7.


While Perry is heading to Doof's home, Phineas and his friends have been getting ready construct Marie's invention. Several large shipping trucks have came to drop off the materials and supplies needed. While Phineas' friends and the Fireside Girls are unpacking the crates containing what they need, Phineas and Marie are signing some papers for the truckers.

"And sign there!" The man says to Phineas. "Hey, don't you kids think you're a little young to be-"

"Yes. Yes we are. Everyday I'm asked that same question."

Phineas: We subvert and invert it to keep it fresh, even though we’ve been saying it for 6 years.

Bryan: 6 years? Wow, you need to lay off crack, dude.

"Sorry, Phineas. It's become a bit of a habit. I've even started asking the same question to grown ups lately!"

Erik: Coulda been more subtle...

Creep: “Grown-ups”?

Bryan: Eh, I give it another 5.

As Phineas fills out the last form needed before construction, Marie wonders over to the Fireside Girls. She notices that they're have trouble opening up the large crates, even with the crowbars that they're using. Marie decides to assist.

North: She “decided” to assist, not “decides”. 

Bryan: As far as I can tell, it’s supposed to be on present tense... I don’t know.

 "Listen up, girls! It'll take more then one of you guys to open one of those before we get behind schedule! I want 2 girls to find one crate and pen it up together. If you do, this will go much faster!

"Hey! Order around your own Fireside Troop!" Isabella says in anger.

Erik: I swear this is would be SO much fucking better if Marie wasn’t in it. Every bit of forced awkwardness can be traced back to Marie.

Creep: Marie isn’t needed in this fuckin’ story! She literally brings it down.

Bryan: I find it funny how Izzy got pissed at her. Kind of meta.

"I do! I'm the troop leader of my own band of Fireside Girls from where I come from! In fact, I once earned over 30 different patches in a single day!" Marie claims.

Creep: Candace got 50.

Bryan: Oh snap! You got served, girl!

This feat of strength, naturally, impresses Isabella's troop of fireside girls.

"30 patches?" Gretchen of the girls asks. "That's amazing!"

Erik: See? I’m sick of her showing how Marie’s Mary-Sueness.

Creep: Did they forget how Candace has 50 badges???

Bryan: Double whammy!

"Yeah...well...I called it a failure though because I couldn't beat Aunt Can-I mean, I couldn't beat Candace Flynn's record of 50 in one day." Marie responds.

Creep: At least they acknowledge it. Of course, anyone smart enough wouldn't brag about being a FAILURE.

As he was organizing the project from afar, Ferb couldn't help but overhear what Marie almost said, raising an eyebrow when she said 'aunt'.

Erik: Yeah, nobody else notices this? I swear, it’s like the writer was orgasming in joy about the possibility of the characters finding out who Marie really is.

"Now then. 2 per crate! Chop chop!"

North: Marie: You will work or you will be punished!

Following Marie's orders, the Fireside Girls, in pairs of two, split up to open the crates together. The pairs were Adyson and Ginger, Gretchen and Holly, and Katie and Millie. They each split up to tackle 3 seperate crates, and just as expected, the girls were able to open the crates nearly instantly.

North: You do not need to explain every fucking part of this story!

Creep: Fuck, we DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE NAMES OF THE FIRESIDE GIRLS! You’re a site called “”; I doubt anyone watches the show wouldn’t know who they are!

"Great job, girls!" Marie says.

Erik: SHUT UP!!!

Although the rest of the troop were honored with Marie's recognition, Isabella wasn't feeling the same. In fact, she's starting to regret bringing her along.

Erik: Me too.

Creep: I really wish she had been run over.....

Bryan: Don’t we all?

"Well Marie." Phineas says and he walks over to her. "Ready to get started on your project?"

"I sure am!" She says.

Phineas then opens up the blueprints for their next creation with Marie right next to him. This too angers Isabella, as Marie is unbelievably close to Phineas, her crush. But she wasn't simply frusterated. Her face was actually turning red in anger.

 Erik: Phinarie? Not surprised. I knew there was an incest relationship there.

Creep: BTTF reference?

North: Basically, just flipped from mother-son to father-daughter.

Bryan: Man, as if the Thomarie incest wasn’t enough.

Creep: I originally suppose to do a gag of Phineas crushing on Olivia in the original FTTF draft. But I rewritten it since then~ Thank GOD I took it back.

"Maybe I should've let that car hit me."

Erik: I would have pushed Marie in the way.

Bryan: I wish it hit Marie.


Erik: So far, I’m feeling mixed. The writing itself sucks, but they are staying somewhat true to the show. This puts them above the queens easily. Most, if not all, of the story problems are coming from Marie. And, honestly, is there anyone who can work with Marie?

Creep: The writing is tolerable, but yeah it need to be proof-read before submit and like Erik said, Marie is truly the flaw in this story so far.

Bryan: It’s so sad that this story would have been better without Marie... it’s like cancer or something.

North: It’s worse! It’s the...MARIE FLU!!!! *Dramatic thunder*

*SNIP to Chapter 2*

"Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporated!" Sings the chorus.

Creep: Yay, the author totally didn’t forget them! :’D

Erik: Lookin’ good so far...

Entering through the front door of the penthouse of DEI, not breaking through it, is Perry the Platypus, who is now prepared to battle Doffensmirtz.

Creep: Oh, “Doffensmirtz”?! Are you kidding me?

North: He’s Perry’s other nemesis.

Erik: Fail.

"AH! Perry the Platypus! I see you're getting more and more used to using that key to my home.

Erik: Stolen joke.

Creep: I’m not gonna say it again.

Which is excellent, because I'm fed up with replacing that door and forcing you to repay for the damages you cause. Which reminds me, you gave me too much for replacing my last door. I have the leftover money on the table over there!"

Creep: The ranting could be better, but it’s....almost Doof which is more than I can say for the Queens. >.<

Erik: Indeed.

Seeing his money on the table in the den, Perry walks over to pick it up. But when he touches it, the money jumps up and wraps all around his body. Thus, trapping him.

Creep: Ooo, nice.

Erik: Not bad.

Bryan: I’m impressed.

"HA! I guess evil does 'pay' afterall! What do you got to say about THAT, Perry the Platypus?"

Creep: A “pun”? Very good.....

Erik: This does actually sound like Doofenshmirtz.

"Krrrrrrr." Answers Perry.

Creep: You mean “Grrrrrrl”?

Erik: Meh, it works.

"You kiss your mother with that beak?" Doof asks, though he didn't get an answer from the Perry. Afterall, animals don't talk. " for my backstory to my evil plan!"

Creep: I think this author simply put Marie in the story for the sake of getting it noticed; I don’t really see how she’s important to the plot.

Erik: Duh, animals don’t talk. And I second what CreepE says.

Bryan: … I agree, what’s the point of Marie?

-Backstory flashback-

"Imagine yourself just sitting on your lounge chair, drinking some tea, maybe reading a book or a magazine, when suddenly, you hear a big boom!"


Spitting out his tea in shock, he afterwards run over to his window to find out what happened.

Erik: Stop! Stop! Stop! This is where it’s going wrong. The format is really failing here.

Creep: Blarg, change to Doof’s POV or something. :/

"And there you see that a building, right next to your own home, was demolished! It's like getting a megaphone in the ear! It's annoying. Then the next day, you're doing your routine again, when...


"Another building gets destoyed! Two days later, a Starbucks Cafe is put in its place!

Erik: Overused joke in general and doesn’t work for P&F.

Creep: Make a parody name. It’s not hard.

Bryan: Man, do I hate when people can’t think of something.

Now like any other person, I enjoy my cup of joe in the morning, but shortly after the store was built." BOOM! "It got demolished too! And you wanna know what replaced it 2 hours later? ANOTHER STARBUCKS! I MEAN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF DEMOLISHING A RESTAURANT FOR ANOTHER OF THE EXACT SAME RESTAURANT! I SEE IT HAPPEN IN THIS AREA ALL THE TIME!"

Creep: Is the caps supposedly him ranting and yelling?

Erik: Wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t in P&F.

-Backstory flashback ends-

"Now, Perry the Platypus! Imagine all of that construction and destruction being done next your home EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's annoying, right? Which is why I invented..."

Which is when he removes the tarp off of his latest useless contraption, which is in the form of a giant lazer cannon.

Creep: Ah, she spells “lazer” like I do. :3

"...The Explodinator!" He says. "And before you say anything, it has NOTHING to do with the blow-it-self-up-inator I showed you in that clip show! Now what this marvelous thing does is target an object, and then it makes it blow up! With it, I can blow up anything in the Tri-State-Area, and people will know how I feel when something in my backyard blows up and disturbs me!"

Creep: Didn’t Doof already invent this sort of “inator”?

Erik: Several times.

Creep: No, no, Doof invented an “inator” that was literally to EXPLODE.

Perry's reaction for Doofenshmirtz evil absolutely nothing.

Creep: So.....pointless sentence?

North: Admire the intense apathy of this secret agent platypus!

Bryan: It’s beautiful!

"Now then, with the push of a button, I will give my Explodinator a test drive!"


A large explosion from a distance creates a large mushroom cloud, which Perry can see from his money trap. The explosion itself puts a worried look on his face.

"What? That wasn't me! I haven't even put batteries in the remote yet."

Erik: Urgh....lemme guess....Marie? =/

Creep: No shit.

Bryan: We get to see in 3... 2...


The giant explosion came from the Flynn house. It turns out that constructing Marie's device is going to be harder then it seems.

Erik: OF COURSE!!!

Creep: Honey, if you can’t invent....DON’T INVENT! >.<

Bryan: … 1... hey, what did I tell ya?

"Hmm...usually my inventions don't make explosions that big." Says the soot covered Marie.

"Well, no one said that the greatest project ever was going to be easy!" Phineas says to make her feel better.

Erik: Other than the rockets, since when does their inventions blow up on them? It’s obviously because of she a defective retard or something?

Creep: A little disjointing, consider it’s Phin’s kid. 

Bryan: You’re being offensive towards mentally challenged people, Erik. You’re gonna have idiots who can’t take a joke calling you out on it.

"Yes, but my inventions almost ALWAYS blow up. In fact, my best friend is starting to get tired of it." She says in a sad tone. "That's why he doesn't want to help me right now."

Erik: Please die already.

Creep: Evil never truly stops.

Bryan: Weed doesn’t die easily... unless you burn it and smoke it.

"Nothing to sweat about! Me and Ferb LOVE this idea, and we're prepared to get it finished, even if we have to blow up all of Danville to get it done! Right Ferb?"

Erik: Get Marie to leave the fucking project, please.

Creep: Can’t the athor just.....forget she’s there?

Bryan: Pffft, as if they could ever forget precious, pretty and perfect Marie.

Ferb, who's hair is blown backwards from the explosion, simply gives a thumbs up to show his support.

Ferb: It’s only a flesh wound.

Bryan: I love that trope.

"And you already know that we got the Fireside girls on your side, too! So let's get back to work!"

Erik: Who said that?

Creep: Uhhhh.....Poptarts?

Bryan: The soot.

"Oh, thank you so much Fa-aaa-i-neas...Phineas! Your making this the best day ever!"

Creep: As opposed to any other day?

Marie: I want to tell them I am their kid, so I am going to intentionally mess up for no reason.

Bryan: Pffft.

As Ferb was standing right next to her, he raises an eyebrow when Marie was studdering Phineas' name.


To show her affection to Phineas, Marie gives him a great big hug, and Phineas, caught up in the moment, hugs her back. Of course, this isn't ALL full of love. Isabella couldn't help but notice how well Phineas and Marie were getting along, and the hug didn't help either. This was angering her so much that she had to grab a metal wrench just to hold off her own rage.

Erik: Chuck it at Marie. Knock her brains out. Please. Kill that little creature before it breeds.

Creep: I wonder what she’ll feel like if she ever knew that was her kid. :/

Bryan: Are you kidding? Have you seen the queens’ art? That’s how the author would make it look like!

"Don't worry, Isabella." Says Ginger, her fellow Fireside. "I bet you he has no interest in that girl."

Erik: Everyone’s noticing Phinarie now. The fact that EVERYONE thinks Marie’s acting too romantic kinda indicates a problem.

Creep: Jesus, the only time when Thomarie is needed....actually, where IS Thomas?

Bryan: He wasn’t important for the plot. Everything’s about Marie.

North: He’s in his hourly emo session.

"Hey, maybe after this, you can come back and help us making the rest of the summer great!" Phineas suggests.

Erik: No...

"Sounds fun." Marie responds.

Erik: No!

Seeing this, and still having the wrench in her hand, she snaps the wrench in two, freaking out Ginger in the process.

Erik: NOOOO--wait what?! What is this bullshit?! Is Isabella the fucking hulk?

Creep: Fueled by the power of love.

Bryan: More like power of nuclear rage.

~To Be Continued~

A two-parter spork about how Marie is unnessary, she'll drag down plots heaver than a sinking rock.

And this story has so much to live for.....


Story ~animegx43
Spork ~DarkestLinkEAI,*CreepECrawlyMan, ~MilukiSama, ~TheNorthwestern & !SporkMilitia
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Tpffan5196 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Also, this made my day ^_^

I think I saw this story before, but never bothered to read it, until now
Tpffan5196 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
I love how people are getting in a war about this -_-

Just because someone doesn't like a certain character doesn't mean that the fangirls/fanboys have to cry about it. The Spork people are just giving their constructive criticism on a character. Maybe it might come off as trollish, but it's really not. Not everything anti-Thomarie is made by a troll.
FucshiaWillow Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Dude, can I note you about this/these? I'm not going to hate on you, promise. xD)
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student Artist
Sure. :3
Beyond-All-Poptarts Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012

Post-reading comments:
1. I actually mentioned "Netflix" in one of my stories. I figured it was worse for it, and apparently I'm correct :P
2. They don't realize Marie is their daughter right off the bat? How? It's pretty obvious that she's at least ISABELLA'S daughter; they only have the EXACT SAME FUCKING FACE.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Artist
Blarg, sorry, dude. ^^;
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Okay, I understand that you dislike the character, but right now, you're just being a jerk. Acting out in anger and constantly making fun of Marie, Thomas and their creators just makes you look bad and extremely jealous. As well, do you even know how insulting and demeaning this is to the author? Yes, they did make a few mistakes, and there are a few over-used jokes, but it's not like your stories don't have their own flaws. Yes, Marie is based on her parents, and she can be a little Mary-Sueish, but that does not give you the right to bash any and all stories, art and people relating to this OC. I, for one, actually like the two because they give a sort of PnF feel without being too much like the original gang. Which reminds me, you need to stop being a hypocrite. One minute, you're saying the story is too Mary-Sueish, and the next, you're complaining that it's not the same as PnF. Also, there's the fact that you are whining about the story when you have used a few of the exact same elements in your own. The dreaming about Phineas, the being completely terrified that she's missing the project - and the fact that she's late. If you're going to complain, at least do it about things you haven't already done, because now, you not only look mean, you also look stupid.
I understand that to you, this is a joke. But to fans of this OC, the creators, or this story in general, it's rude. Heck, I have no doubt that the creators and their friends are pissed off as well! KicsterAsh, a well known artist in many fandoms, happens to be a very good friend of the three, and has featured your work before. By disrespecting her friends, you're insulting her as well. Since she told people to check out your gallery, I suggest you learn to shut your trap. I like your comics, but not enough to continue to watch you if you keep behaving like a spoiled brat.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
And going out of your way to look for it and cry makes you look extremely butthurt. It's a character, get over it. We don't like her and have the right to say so. The fact that you are whining about us whining over a character shows how hypocritcal you are. If you wanna spork his stories, go for it. I doubt he gives a crap. In fact, I remember him asking his stories to get sporked.

And bashing, especially something like characters, is our natural right.

Again, it's ironic as hell that you're bashing someone for bashing.

It is is a joke. It's a bunch of shitty fan characters. So quit bawwing over it.
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
First of all, you have obviously never been bullied. I have, and personally, I can't stand people who act like it doesn't matter. Maybe this doesn't concern me, but I did not go looking for his post. I happen to have him on my watch because I like his comics. I never said I didn't like his stories, and I'm not inconsiderate enough to bash them even if I did. Call me hypocritical if you like, because in truth, you have a bit of a point, but it is not your right to bully someone about an idea they have that people happen to enjoy a lot. And, I believe you mean 'bawling'. I don't seem to recall crying in the lest. I merely pointing out that I think Creepy could have kept his mouth shut and not tried to purposely hurt other people's feelings. If you wanted it to be a joke, you should have kept it to yourselves.
I also find it amusing that you people are so protective of your views, which you are technically bashing me for not believing, that you find logic in arguing with a fourteen year old girl.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Bro, if you think giving your opinion over a fucking story is bullying then Siskel and Ebert must be the greatest evil to the roam the earth.

And yeah, I get bullied on this site. Mainly by the queens. Except they usually tell their little white knights to do it for them.

The title gave away what this was. Why click it if it bothers you? I don't give a fuck if you like his stories or not.

Critiques are made for opinion. Not to hurt feelings. If anyone gets this upset over a critique, I strongly suggest they never write again.

Thank you for revealing your age and lack of credibility. And yeah, I'm fine with "bashing" you.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Artist
Okay, this was done in a sense for fun and was made on behalf of a couple of friends. If you truly don't like the spork, you don't have to read it. I recall the trio saying, "Don't like it, don't look at it."

First of all, everyone has opinions and have different thoughts over other peoples work and not EVERYONE likes the same thing which means, in short, I don't like Marie because she's overrated, quite the Mary-Sue and simply poorly developed as a character.

It's 2012, my friend; basically NOTHING is entirely original, not even MY stuff. The only difference is that they make the SAME jokes! The show at least altered lines and jokes to keep it fresh and original; here, it's the SAME joke told the EXACTLY same way.

Perhaps I could have told my opinions in a different matter, but either way, this was a joke among close friends and wasn't suppose to be taken seriously.
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
It doesn't matter how it was intended. It's still rude and hurtful. You think this is a big joke? It's not! It's bullying, plain and simple. And as far as your little saying goes, it's not only hypocritical because obviously you are continuously looking at what you don't like just so you can criticize it, but there's also another saying that basically goes hand in hand with it - If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
If it was a joke among friends, fine, I don't care. But be respectful enough to share the joke in private so you don't offend people. Really, all you're doing is portraying yourself in a very unflattering manner that is going to make a lot of your current fans drift away from you.
And I don't care if it was used the same way twice. There are thousands of crappier stories out there that have no plot or anything. This story at least had a few enjoyable aspects, and if you're going to trash it, you're no worse than a flamer. I do, however, give you props for not saying all this using an anonymous account or something, if only so I can tell you how inconsiderate you're being.
I know you don't share my opinions or, apparently, my morals, but at least think when you post stuff. It's okay if you dislike a character. I respect that. But be polite about it, for crying out loud! Or do you not know the meaning of the word tact?
TheNorthwestern Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconfacepalmplz: Wow, you must be one of the stupidest people I have ever seen. This is not bullying, this is critique and I'm pretty freaking tired of idiots like you who think "Oh, baw, critiquing is the same thing as bullying! Baw!" Welcome to the Internet, critique happens, get used to it or get the fuck off. And no, we're not going to kiss someone's ass to protect "their precious little feelings. "

Also, do you really think I give a fucking shit what you think?
Yes, you do have a right to an opinion, but wangsting at us is just pathetic.

And no, we're not going to keep this to ourselves. This just happens to be lulzy as hell and the whole of dA deserves to laugh at this story's suckishness.

Lastly, before you leave a butthurt comment like this, HOW ABOUT YOU THINK ABOUT IT FIRST?
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
First of all, quit swearing. It's unattractive. Second of all, it's not criticism. I can deal with criticism. I cannot deal with people who bash an entire story on the grounds that they think it's funny. If you hold people's feelings in so little regard, perhaps you should learn that you will earn no respect from anyone that way.
Also, you seem to be under the impression that I care what you think. I care as little about your opinion of me as you do of mine of you.
Lastly, I feel the need to point out that I put a lot of thought into my comments. I mentioned that there were things you did properly. I admitted it may not be my business. But if you think I'm going to be nice when you've probably just hurt a lot of people's feelings? I'm sorry, but you're about as dumb as you seem to think I am.
Now, as I've asked with your other friends, do not continue to message me. I see no need to continue a fight that will never end, and if I get numerous messages from a person I told to lay off, I will report you. It's not a threat. It's fact.
TheNorthwestern Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fair enough. I can stop swearing.
But that doesn't mean I think you're right.
I have as much right to my opinion as you do.
I am as much of a human as you are.
I do have feelings.
I want you to really think about why you are doing this.
Yes, this can be mean, but is it really hurting anyone's feelings?
If it is, then why did they read it? Why did you read it?
You didn't have to. But you chose to. You chose to leave a comment.
I did not force you too. You chose to yourself.
Think about that.

I don't care what you think of me, I don't care about you, I don't care if I'm right.
I care about opinion and critique being allowed in this fandom, which there is a stunning lack of.
I don't want to fight you, I have much better things to do then fight some butthurt like yourself.

We all have our rights to opinion, you think this is mean and I think it is not. But you're trying to make me feel guilty about this and silence my right to an opinion.

You can try doing as such, but you will not succeed.
Have a nice day.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Quit whining. Your Mommy and Daddy might have told you swearing is a no-no but we're adults. We can do whatever fucking piss shit crap we want. And BTW, telling us to stop swearing gets you nowhere in an argument.

You also lose credibility when you claim you won't respond but keep responding. And you clearly give a huge shit about it since you keep responding, begging for more.

Also, we can play your childish game too. If you keep posting, we're gonna report you. We're not messaging you. You are messaging us. We just reply because that's the civil thing to do.

You are the one who came on here with the intention to troll. Don't blame us when it backfires.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
If you're seriously offended by this, then you are sissy little pansy and need to get off the internet for your own good.

As it is, criticism like this is helpful to authors who want to get better. They don't have to read it. They don't have to agree. And they don't have to listen. They can keep sucking if they want.

Btw, hypocrite, you're saying unnice things. If you're gonna give out advice, here's a tip: follow your own damn advice. Otherwise, nobody will take you seriously.

Cool. We know there are worse stories. Wedding Impossible for example. We might spork that too. And hey, if you wanna link us to these crappier stories, go for it. But this was crappy enough to spork, so we sporked it. There are worse, and we will spork them and have sporked some already, so don't worry, we'll get them.
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
First off, I'd like to point out that you have done nothing that indicates that you deserve my respect. Therefore, I have all the right to treat you as unworthy of it simply because you and your friends are not earning it. Second of all, the Internet was created to create ties between people and to supply information, not to become a place where you can say whatever you like and not get reprimanded for it.
As I already said before, perhaps I am a hypocrite. But you pointing that out only makes you a hypocrite in turn. What you say is what you are, after all.
Personally, I find you extremely disgusting and a jerk. You obviously have no morals, or even a conscience. Please do not reply to this or to my other PM (unless you already have, in which case I'll simply ignore it) as it will get both of us nowhere. You do not share my opinions, and I do not share yours. It's obvious neither of us will be able to change the other's mind.
Once again, I remind you I'm fourteen years old. And I'm the one who has to suggest we cease communications. Call me crazy, but I find that a little sad.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
I don't give a shit if I have your respect. And likewise, you have done nothing to earn mine, but, in contrast, are more than deserving of scorn and ridicule. Now quit crying over a critique, especially when it's not even for you.

And yes. Here's the information: The story sucks.

The author can choose to get better or keep sucking. Their choice.

And likewise, I find you a bullying prick, a tool of a bully, and a fool.

Feel free to ignore this. I do not give a damn.

And I find it crazy that you suggest this despite creating the communication the first place.

Fleeing from an argument does not look mature. It looks cowardly.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Artist
There's a very LARGE difference between what I'm doing and "bullying".

Bullying is threatening people, being thoughtless, and totally attempting to ruin peoples' lives in the progess. What I'm doing is a "spork" (and no, that's not a new word for "bullying"), it's not only made for laughs, it's also for the author to improve their writing. You can see the mistakes and errors, only for us to say how the writer should have done better next time.

I guess you didn't bother to read the whole thing as me and my friends all said how the story had its moments, but it still wasn't very good.

Why would I pin down MY feelings? Perhaps I'm speaking my mind among friends and same-minded people; it's not Marie's we're talking about, it's the story in general. Count your blessings I didn't post more sporks because they're all worst than this one. This is pretty tame.

Did I hurt some feelings? Maybe and if I did, I'm sorry. Again, this was something me and my friends were doing for FUN, ergo, hoping others had a sense of humor. It's not like I joked about abortion or religion; it's a FANFICTION.
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
And you call completely dissing a persona and their work not being thoughtless?
Every time you said the author did something good, you immediately added a smart-aleck remark about how horrible it was. That's not helping. That's being rude. It's not helping. It'll only hurt.
And I did read some, though not all, seeing as I didn't like it, and who forces themselves to continue to read something they don't like? I noticed you acknowledged the author's good points, and I give you props for that. I simply believe you could have presented your complaints in a less insulting manner and that you could have at least posted it on the same site the author resides on.
And in my eyes, it's not just fanfiction. Maybe it's not for you, but some people find it extremely hard to post what they write. Bashing it decreases self-confidence and in general, stops someone who is still developing a writing style to get continuous feedback. People should take a little criticism, but taking the entire story and tearing it apart? Pfft, what are you? A member of the paparazzi?
But I digress. As I already told your friend, I do not feel like this will get us anywhere. Arguing with you will get me nowhere, and in turn, will get you nowhere. Thus, I kindly request that you do not reply to this message. I'm fourteen years old and do not need to deal with an argument with some guy while my hormones are running rampant.
MilukiSama Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Then why comment? If it your arguments get you nowhere.

They're expressing their opinions. Don't get butthurt.
MaryPenelope Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
I'll I'm doing is simply asking them to be polite. It seems that chivalry truly is dead if no one can understand the simplicity of common sense and good manners.
DarkestLinkEAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012
Then quit trolling.
MilukiSama Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well you did started it by stating their "bullies".

Though you do have your opinion, I respect that, but you must understand that was criticism.
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gilotyna815 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Inversion of Everything's Better With Redheads. Guilty of Overusing Overused Jokes. Could use an Ensign Sue Must Die!

No, really, that writer has a potential she should use. And perhaps mock Marie in future chapters. Like with that creepy stalker line. That was a WIN :XD:.
CreepECrawlyMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student Artist
Ah, a fellow Troper. :3

Yeah, it was almost like PnF, but Marie (played straight) really drags the plot down. :/
gilotyna815 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This site is amazing :faint:.

And how well she does it :no:. I guess she is absolutely perfect in everything she does.
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